January 18th, 2017 by Matt

It’s nice when something you wish for comes true and once again it has!

A loooong time ago, I spent a little time dreaming about just how great PowerPoint could be and created a wish list of how PowerPoint could evolve…

Historic PowerPoint Review – part 1

Historic PowerPoint Review – part 2

Sadly, the Random Bars transition still exists, but on a more positive note my wish for Morph did come true as well as a brand-new feature which allows users to insert icons into slides…

Icons are a very important part of presentation design according to Alex Warwick, one of our senior presentation designers here at Eyeful…

“Icons play a vital role as a visual representation of content which help the audience to more efficiently understand, navigate and interpret information. Icons support content or communicate on their own by drawing attention and helping to differentiate and structure content. Icons are widely used because they effectively combine function with being an aesthetic element in design.”

How the new icon feature works…

Alex is a big fan of this new functionality…

“In the past, the options to use icons were only available to users who have additional software like Adobe Illustrator or who would go through the testing process of downloading an icon online and having to convert the file type to make it compatible with PowerPoint. With the new Insert Icons feature any level user of PowerPoint can recolour and resize hundreds of useful icons in their presentations.”

The new icon feature is available for some users of Microsoft Office 365 right now, but as with all Office updates the feature will be rolled out in a staggered manner across all Office users.

Remember, icons aren’t just a way of making your PowerPoint presentation design look better, it’s all about making it easier for your audience to understand the message you’re trying to get across (I wonder what the icon for that would be?).

For a more in-depth conversation about your presentation’s messaging, just give us a call on +44 (0)1455 826390 and have a chat with one of our expert presentation consultants…


January 18th, 2017 by Matt


If you find yourself wishing that you could email a presentation to someone and it would open in play mode as soon as they click (and be a lot harder to edit) then here’s a great PowerPoint PowerHack tip from one of Eyeful’s senior presentation designers

Stay tuned for another PowerPoint PowerHack soon…


January 13th, 2017 by Matt

With Christmas now a far off memory and work well and truly back underway, Eyeful’s sales kick-off season continues to offer insight and advice for anyone organising such a huge event.

Sales Kick-Off events aren’t the easiest things to arrange, they can extremely expensive to set up, you need to take your people off the road and of course there’s a whole heap of opportunity at risk if it all goes, well, a little bit flat.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to your sales presentation design and messaging, Eyeful’s CEO Simon Morton now shares the second of his 5 Key Secrets To Successful Sales Kick-Offs…

If you or someone you know are involved in your company’s sales kick-off, then please do check out our dedicated sales kick-off page… You’ll find lots more information and advice, and you can even download Eyeful’s Expert Formula To Sales Kick-Off Events too… which is a really useful guide when planning these type of events.


January 6th, 2017 by Matt

This month at Eyeful, this presentation design company is all about one thing… SALES KICK-OFF EVENTS.

These rather huge proceedings are arguably the biggest deal in the sales director’s calendar (after the end of year figures) and Eyeful want to make sure yours doesn’t just go with a bang, but leads to a buck too… or to put it slightly more professionally; gets you a significant return on your rather heavy investment.

We know these events happen all year round, but for many large businesses January is the traditional time for kick-off events.

So, we’ve been hard at work, Eyeful’s CEO Simon Morton has helped lots of businesses over the last 12 years in creating really successful sales kick-off’s and he’s pulled together his best 5 pieces of advice for sales kick-off event organisers…

If someone in your business is currently working hard (and probably very late too) then be a friend and do them a favour by pointing them at our dedicated sales kick-off page

Merry Christmas

December 19th, 2016 by Matt
…from The Eyeful Team

#Presentbetter The Grape Escape

December 12th, 2016 by Matt

Festive greetings from the team here at Eyeful.

With all the old Christmas movies now in full flow, we thought we’d share our designer Helen’s delightful take on an all-time classic…

(With stop motion presentation experimentation in mind) this is The Grape Escape…


Key Message Headline – A Powerful Presentation Structure

December 5th, 2016 by Matt

If you’re a keen follower of Eyeful you may well have recently viewed Eyeful founder Simon Morton’s recent webinar, The Technical Lab Surgery, where he discussed something called Key Message Headline…

Key Message Headline is a great presentation structure that you won’t find on any old generic advanced PowerPoint training courses, as it’s all about presentation structure and messaging.

It is an incredibly useful thing to have up your sleeve when planning out a potentially complicated presentation.

Eyeful can’t claim to have invented the concept, as you’ll find it used in journalism, education and in wider business communication.

But, what Eyeful have done, is to develop it into a very powerful 7 slide presentation structure.

Applying the model in this way provides you with an invaluable process for taking a particularly complicated presentation topic and breaking it down into a simple structure that will keep your story, message and proposition clear to your audience.

Remember, confused audiences simply don’t take action…

Key Message Headline is all about focussing your presentation’s content into 3 clearly defined areas…

This is where you give your big introduction…

Define what ‘new state’ you want to communicate with your audience, be that a change, an idea or vision.

This is what makes it special, how it works and it’s how you’re going to achieve whatever it is your proposing.

Explain how the ‘new state’ is going to become reality. What measures need to be in place to deliver your change?

This is your chance to back up your idea and really drive home to the audience that it has legs, is realistic and, most importantly, achievable.

The reason for the ‘new state’. In short, the benefits associated with your message. Where possible, make these benefits audience centric (although this is not a prerequisite!)

This is where you can really drive home the problems that your audience are currently facing before explaining in no uncertain terms that your idea, product, or service is the answer to their problems…

Essentially this is where you paint the picture of the future and show your audience just how positively impacted they will be if they follow your call to action…

Download Key Message Headline PDF Now

By focusing on these 3 areas and encasing them in our 7-slide structure, you will be following a tried and tested presentation structure that will turn a potentially confusing presentation into one that is clear, engaging and understood by your audience…

We’d love to know if you use this structure and how you get on, so leave a comment with your thoughts below…


November 24th, 2016 by Matt

Lots of people think Technical Presentation are boring, over complicated affairs written by experts, only for experts.

But honestly you couldn’t be more wrong! Technical Presentations are awesome, they can be the most exciting, interesting and important types of presentation.

Programmers, engineers and scientists (to name just a few subject matter experts) are the people that change our world, making it better, safer and healthier.

So we salute you!

When it comes to delivering your Technical Presentations though it’s really important that your great ideas aren’t just heard and understood by the other experts in the room. They need to connect and convince all the decision makers to make your ideas become reality.

That’s why we created The Technical Lab, our one day training course in how to create the perfect Technical Presentation.

It’s a course that’s way more in depth than a generic advanced PowerPoint training day. It’s taught by Eyeful’s team of experts and it’ll show you how to turn complicated information into presentations that shine out a clear and consistent message to the entire audience.

If you would like to get a really good flavour for the kind of ideas and insight in the course check out the recording of our recent webinar:

The Technical Lab Surgery was just a few days ago and in it you’ll learn how to…

THINK – The importance of audience analysis is discussed, providing the science behind our Audience Heatmap technique; this will provide the tools for you to start presenting in a more engaging and impactful way.

ACT – Our Must, Intend, Like objective-setting process will help you reassess and focus on the overall goal of your presentation, and provide you with the best strategy for achieving it.

DELIVERBlended Presenting will introduce you to the concept of creating a presentation story that’s strong enough to get your message delivered, understood and retained, whatever the environment it needs to be delivered in.

The webinar is delivered by Eyeful founder Simon Morton, the author of the widely acclaimed book The Presentation Lab. So, this is a great chance to get valuable insight from Europe’s leading presentation expert.

It’s about making sure your audience acts and brings your ideas to life…




November 23rd, 2016 by Matt


Well done Mr Andrew Murray!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (or a very big umbrella) you’ll know that Andy Murray’s win at the weekend has finally made him the number 1 tennis player on the planet!

It’s taken him a long time, a huge amount of effort, and no little talent to get there…

Since Murray turned pro in 2005, the No 1 spot in tennis has been dominated by three giants of the sport in Federer, Nadal and the man Murray has finally eclipsed… Novak Djokavic.

Whilst Murray has been busy on his quest for world domination in tennis, Eyeful have been set on their own mission for presentation greatness…

#PresentBetter is a simple aspiration – as the name suggests our quest is to simply help our customers present better!

It’s no secret that most business presentations aren’t particularly good. They’re often old corporate decks that are rushed through, with enough last-minute tweaking to seriously undermine brand guidelines and any hint of a message or call to action.

It’s incredibly frustrating to us when we see such presentations delivered at important events… because we know how powerful the alternative can be.

So, if presenting better sounds like a good idea (and why wouldn’t it?) inspiration can be found in Andy Murray’s rise to the top…

To say Murray prepares well is an understatement. He practices for hours on end every single day to be the absolute best he can be…

Working on your presentations all day, every day probably isn’t realistic. But leaving it until the last minute isn’t preparing for greatness either. You need to find a balance.

The opportunity to present is a privilege and your audience deserves that you spend sufficient time on your presentation’s message and structure so that it resonates and connects with them.

You can download one of our most powerful presentation structures, The Audience Pathway, here.

This year Murray won an astonishing 25 consecutive matches on his journey to No1, beating the very best the world could throw at him.

Imagine having such a level of consistent performance, where every single time you present the audience is wowed and responds favourably…

It is possible…

Here at Eyeful HQ we merrily spend our days helping our customers to create truly engaging presentations; presentations that resonate with their audiences; presentations that deliver results.

Murray’s team consists of coaches Ivan Lendl and Jamie Delgado, as well as fitness trainer Matt Little…all helping him to stay fit, sharp and successful.

Eyeful are your all-round presentation support team…

We work around the clock, push hard for the right information and have the specialist knowledge to make sure when you deliver, you tell a compelling presentation story.

We support you with whatever presentation training you need, from how to craft convincing stories, to teaching you how to create presentations with the latest tech. We’ll even teach you how to stand and deliver the perfect presentation, ensuring that you really connect and engage with your audiences.

#PresentBetter is a simple message, but a complex undertaking.

It’s taken over a decade of effort, innovation and challenging the norm for Eyeful to become Europe’s leading presentation design company.

Creating world-class presentations is now something we do every single day.

With the right presentation support team, you too can #PresentBetter every single time…

#PresentBetter Eyeful in Black & White

November 21st, 2016 by Matt

#PresentBetter Eyeful in Black & White

We help businesses like yours deliver world-class presentations that get results.

In 100 seconds, this is Eyeful in black & white…