Satya Nadella & The iPhone – Seeing Is Believing

November 25th, 2015 by Simon

A week or so ago, I had the honour of being asked to speak at Microsoft’s Future Decoded conference in London.  Future Decoded is a huge deal – a total of 10,000 attendees over two days soaking up the latest thinking about the future of business, society, leadership, technology and more.

As you’d expect from such an event, Microsoft had rolled out a series of high profile and rather marvellous keynote speakers from the world of business, sport and technology.  The big name on the list was Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft – like I said, they pulled out all the stops on the event.

Satya & iPhone

I was intrigued to see Satya in action.  I’d seen him interviewed, read a fair bit about and by him but never seen him present.

As on TV, he comes across as a gentle, quietly spoken, considered presenter on stage …and if I was being hyper-critical, a tiny bit dull.  Now this might be a little unfair – after all, the vast majority of the audience were fellow techies and seemed pretty happy with proceedings – but there was a distinct lack of impact for the first 10 minutes.

I was beginning to wonder if after all the build up, this keynote might become a little, um, tedious.

And then something changed…

Satya started to demonstrate the (extremely cool) developments Microsoft have been beavering away at.  Not on some fancy set up with clever camera angles and carefully stage managed equipment.  Nope – on a phone (an iPhone of all things) to kick things off.

Not only did the mood in the audience change from slightly twitchy to truly engaged but Satya suddenly came to life too.  He was impressively comfortable in the various demos (there was no doubt that he’d put the rehearsal hours) but he also let his excitement and glee shine through.

He stopped being the cautious and considered tech CEO and morphed into someone who was bursting with pride and who couldn’t wait to share this cool new stuff with the audience.  It was brilliant…

At the end of Satya’s keynote, I was left pondering the metamorphosis I’d just witnessed.  To me, it was yet another example of the power of the demo.

I’ve long ranted about how this form of presentation seemed to be dying a slow death and that sales teams were missing a trick…and one of the most powerful and well respected business people of our time proved it again.

Demos aren’t hokey or something to be avoided – when delivered with confidence, passion and knowledge, they are the perfect platform for presenters to shine and for audiences to engage.

So ask yourself – are you relying on slideware too much?  Would a demo of your software/hardware/widget benefit the audience?  If so, you know what to do (and it has nothing to do with PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote).


November 23rd, 2015 by Matt

An interesting new PowerPoint plugin appeared in my inbox recently, with a colleague asking my thoughts on it…

So in true Eyeful style, I’ve created an instructional review, so you can find how to get it and what we think about it – all in one place!

So, what is Social Share?

Social Share is a plugin that allows you to share your presentations on Facebook and Twitter, as either screen grabs, full slides or complete presentations – depending on the social media channel chosen…

You simply download and install the plugin and the next time you open PowerPoint the app will be there… you then need to link your social media accounts to it and your good to go.

rsz_picture1_v2 (1)


When you choose to share on Facebook, you can share a screen clipping as an image, share all of your slides as a photo album or as a video – and this is all created from within the app.

Something to be aware of, this app is nosey – very nosey! When I linked it to Facebook, I restricted the settings so that the app couldn’t see my personal photos, videos or my public profile and I restricted it to posting only to my friends.

Facebook Test 1 – Sharing a screen clip

For my first test, I chose to share a screen clipping of one of my slides…


rsz_1picture3With the clip ready, I ticked the box to include a link to my slides, as I was interested to see what this might look like – alas, the app simply crashed and did so every single time I selected this option.

With it now unticked, I hit the post button and seconds later my clipping appeared on my Facebook profile!

Facebook Test 2 – Sharing all slides as an image library

I imagine this would look really nice on Facebook, but unfortunately, this didn’t work either – the app just froze. Again.

If this function ever works for you, a word of warning…

If your slides contain layered objects due to animation, the image will only display in its unanimated state, which might not look its best…


Facebook Test 3 – Sharing all slides as a video

Finally, I tried the option to post the deck as a video and as it rendered out, I wondered if the app was doing the hard work or if it was PowerPoints own video output option was rendering out? It was perhaps a combination of the two as the video created was in its own unique player skin.

To be fair, the render didn’t take long and the result on Facebook looked pretty good, it rendered out at the right quality for a small Facebook window, however the sound quality was initially awful, clearly the app had applied some compression.

I switched on an HD option on the player and the sound and picture quality instantly improved…


Playing full screen though should be avoided, as the video pixilated instantly and looked horrendous!

On my iPhone 6, the experience was excellent, the video auto-played smoothly and the picture was crisp and clear.


Again linking our Twitter account to the app set security alarm bells, but in for a penny eh!


With the app now viewing, following and doing goodness knows what else with our twitter account, I continued and posted the screen clipping, which sadly, is the only option for Twitter.

To make it a little more interesting I created a short link pointing to a video version of this presentation, which worked quite well…


Final Thoughts…

The truth is, the app gives little more functionality than what is already available, taking screen shots and converting your presentation to a video is nothing new… and it’s a simple job to then upload and share these on social media.

The only real USP with the Social Share App, is that you can do all of the above, in one easy, very quick step without the need to ever leave PowerPoint.

Great! But why?

That’s the burning question here, why post your presentation on social media?

I think this is where I struggle most with this app, presentations by default are created to be delivered, usually in person to an audience – now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge believer in the presentation landscape and that presentation delivery needs to flexible.

But even so, I just can’t image ever creating a PowerPoint presentation that I would want to share on social media, it just doesn’t feel quite right.

So, I think this app needs to be viewed from a different angle, one where you create a PowerPoint, not for a live presentation, but as a standalone marketing document, that delivers its message with context, without the need of a live presenter.

This could be as a video with a voiceover presenter, or as more of a document – PowerPoint can handle the creation of all these things…

Here at Eyeful, we create a lot of great looking standalone documents like this, with our new favourite bit of tech, Turtl.

The thing is, a user friendly cloud app like Turtl, makes it easy for none designer SME’s to focus on their content, whilst creating something easy on the eye.

As we all know by now, it’s difficult to create something that looks great in PowerPoint, without having design skills. However, it is pretty easy to knock up a pig’s ear in no time, but would you really want to share that with the world?

So I guess, getting back to the app, it does what it says on the tin. I just worry that the quality of PowerPoint presentations we are going to see shared on social media and if they are going to do more harm than good to your business?

Also, where is the Linked In sharing option? This app really doesn’t feel like it has much of a business use.

But, what do you think? Will you use this app and share your presentations on social media?

Leave your comments below…

Or contact us on Linked In, Twitter or Facebook!

Two Important Presentation Lessons

November 18th, 2015 by Matt

Eyeful’s MD Simon Morton’s has been very busy recently, last week he was speaking at Microsoft’s Future Decoded event in London and the week before he was also in the big smoke speaking at the Customer Champion B2B event

Simon’s speaking events are all coming from the success of his first book, the richly acclaimed, “The Presentation Lab”.

The Presentation Lab reveals the difference between great slides and great presentations based on Eyeful’s proven Presentation Optimisation approach. It challenges everything you thought you knew about creating and delivering engaging business presentations.

Using practical tips and drawing on Simon’s experiences working with companies around the globe, this book will help everyone who ever needs to present by revealing what works, what doesn’t and, more importantly, why.

The in-depth insight, analysis and ideas within the book have proved to be a great basis for Simon’s speaking events and in just two weeks he’ll be speaking at his biggest event to date, in Barcelona, at Microsoft Convergence.

Well if you can’t wait for that and you would like to get a taste for what Simon is all about, then check out this double bill of short video interviews that Simon has given to Grant Leboff of Sticky Marketing…

When can a bad PowerPoint presentation, prove to be lethal? In this lesson Grant and Simon discuss how not to ruin a presentation…

If you’re making a presentation to a group of accountants does it have to be exclusively factual or is there another way to gain their trust? In this lesson Grant and Simon discusses how you put the audience first…

If you would like Simon to speak at your event or company, then simply drop us a line and we’ll book (pun intended) your date in the diary.

Unleashing the True Power of Presentation Training…

November 13th, 2015 by Liz

Now that I have your attention I wanted to share with you this fabulous interactive insight into Eyeful’s Presentation Training.

Eyeful has spent the last 12 years working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, and as the UK’s leading presentation consultancy, we have the insight and knowledge to deliver material that it is both relevant and commercially focused for your organisation.

In this interactive document (packed to the gills with ideas, videos and insight), we share with you why we at Eyeful approach presentations differently (and why we implore you to do the same).


Which prompts the question – where next for your presentations?

Our aim here at Eyeful is a simple one – we want to equip our clients with the most persuasive and powerful presentations and skills available.  The good news is that we’re well on our way…

We have long standing client relationships across a range of sectors and presentation types, and have delivered Presentation Training for the last 11 years. What’s more, we’ve recently refreshed and refined our training offering to reflect the insight shared in our critically acclaimed book, The Presentation Lab…and it’s never been more powerful.

“Each engagement with Eyeful represents one more step towards a world of better internal presentations and more engaged audiences”

…And that can only be good news for businesses (and presentations) everywhere.

If you’d like to find out more, please have a look around the Training pages on our website, or give us a call. We’d love to chat….


The new way to ensure your presentation is up to scratch

November 12th, 2015 by Matt

Over the past 10 years, we’ve performed hundreds if not thousands of Presentation Healthchecks.

This is our (now) completely free service, where our seasoned presentation experts thoroughly review your presentation and provide honest feedback on what works, what doesn’t and what to do about it (with or without our help).

But our presentation is just fine”, we hear you cry…


With the constant change in technology and business, your once powerful presentation can quickly become out of date, in terms of its tone, message and structure.

Couple that with the fact that just 28% of business presentations are actually regularly reviewed and the reality scenario is a little more than alarming.

The Eyeful Healthcheck is your easy way to make sure your presentation stays on target.

It’s a well established service – and it’s just got better… Eyeful Presentations proudly present: the all new Presentation Healthcheck 2.0.

Step 1- Getting To Grips With Your Audience
The process now begins online, simply fill in our short online form, which will give us all the information we need to create you a high level Audience Heatmap.


This powerful piece of audience analysis will identify your audiences profile in the areas of Factual, Visionary or Emotional types of people (it first came to light in our founder’s acclaimed book, The Presentation Lab).

You dismiss your audience and its profile at your peril. Showing up and delivering the same tone of presentation to a range of different audiences is a recipe for disaster. It’s the equivalent of booking the same entertainment for a bachelor party and the subsequent wedding reception. These are clearly two different audiences who require two different types of engagement.
Simon Morton, The Presentation Lab


Step 2 – Maximising Your Presentation Potential
Eyeful have been working with companies large and small across the globe for over a decade, over this time we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t across all manner of different business presentations.

The Healthcheck allows us to firmly and honestly advise you on how to focus your presentation, in terms of structure, tone and objectives, to make sure it really connects with your audience on their terms.

We don’t just advise on content… Because we look beyond the slides, we can advise on you on the best tools and technology to use (Breaking News – PowerPoint and a projector aren’t the best solution for all occasions).

After you’ve submitted your audience information, you’ll be directed to an online file transfer site, where you can upload your presentation and send it to us securely and easily.


Step 3 – Into The Lab
Presentation experts with years of experience will then check your presentation thoroughly against your Audience Heatmap and advise where your presentation can be improved…

We’ll provide this in the form of a comprehensive report – detailing strengths and weaknesses and a benchmark against your market and audience type.

We’ll also provide a detailed “Action plan” with recommendations on how to improve your presentation and take it to the next level…
Healthcheck Stack for blogThen it’s up to you…

Follow our fiercely honest feedback and you’ll be on the road to giving presentations that get you the results you deserve for doing everything you can to deliver a great presentation…

What have you got to lose?

We’ve come full circle – the enduring power of pen and paper

November 10th, 2015 by Simon


Today, whilst storyboarding a new presentation, I found myself gazing at my pencil and thinking, ‘how can such a simple thing be so damn powerful…”

You see, I’m old (and grey) enough to recall a time before email, the internet and smartphones…

These everyday pieces of tech have vastly increased the amount of work we produce each day, not to mention, how we produce it.

I look at the variety of daily tasks I find myself doing these days and it’s mind boggling. The pure volume of work seems like a million miles away from my first proper grown up job as a graduate trainee for a large insurance company…

Back then, hard copy policy documents, invoices and quotations were all paper documents that moved around the office (indeed, the country) in a slow but regular postal procession, which more often than not, accompanied by a hand written memo.

That’s right kids, we used a pen and paper to actually hand write messages to an unseen colleague (often based in Swindon for some reason).

If we needed to keep a copy, we used carbon paper, the 80’s version of ‘copy and paste’.

All of this paper based note writing though, left me with two skills…

– Improved/slightly less questionable handwriting
– The ability to think about what to write, before committing to paper. After all, the message had to fit on a small bit of paper and make sense!

Fast forward over 20 years and I’m still relying on these skills today…

Ok, so the handwriting has gone downhill (just ask any of my colleagues). But the ability to plan, ponder and consider all the options is something that now underpins pretty much everything Eyeful does.

Eyeful is a presentation company that covers all the areas of presentation creation.

Our core business is all about developing powerful structured presentation stories that connect with audience, before coupling this with outstanding visual design.

This approach to projects has led to great success, plaudits and recognition…

All of these successes stem from one thing, the ability to think and plan with nothing more than a pencil and paper (and a cuppa)…

Engaging and valuable presentation stories come from within (or, with a bit of prodding through a workshop).

Equally, powerful presentation visuals aren’t just reliant on brilliant designers – they start from clarity of thought.

All of Eyeful’s project planning begins with taking a step back and taking the time to review everything with an open mind, before planning the presentation on paper in the form of a storyboard.

So the next time you need to plan a presentation, we implore you to take time to plan, scribble and doodle with nothing more than paper and a pen and then and only then, fire up the PC.

The impact could be huge (just ask our clients).

If you need any help (or storyboard pads) you know where we are


Practical Advice For The Introvert Presenter

November 4th, 2015 by Richard Tierney


Like Eyeful’s own presentation guru Simon Morton, most experts in the world of presentations are authorities on this subject, because they are actually really very good at standing up and presenting – and I mean, really, really good.

How have they become so great?

It’s because they’ve always been good – perhaps starting from a young as the class performer, or as a star of dramatic productions to become years later, great sales people, the ones who get rise up in business because they are just so visible.

These people are extroverts. They love the spotlight and they are great performers when they get in it, you can see the difference in people who love to present how their persona shifts a gear when in front of an audience.

These people have had a life time of practice and are great role models, for the likes of me and maybe you too.

You see, I’m an introvert.

And like most introverts I’ve always shunned the limelight, I’m a backstage kind of guy.

But, having spent my working life around several great performers I have had a chance to learn the tricks of the performing greats and become an accomplished, confident presenter. Something many introverted people could only dream of.

When I present these days, no longer am I filled with dread.

How can you do it?

The secret is preparation. Lots of it.

This is only mimicking a process most extroverts go through, but they can do it in second, we introvert’s take much longer. My advice is to write out – in full – the words you are going to say.

RT at TEDImportantly this needs to be written in the way you speak, not in the way that you write.

It may seem a subtle distinction but to write out the words you are actually going to say is terribly important.

At this point, the age old advice that “It’s not good to read a script” springs to mind, but bear with me…

Once you’ve prepared your script you can rehearse., which seems to be another thing extroverts don’t seem to need to do.

Then prepare your supporting visuals and rehearse some more.

If you rehearse, you will learn your presentation and gradually you won’t need the script. You will become more relaxed and your confidence will shine through on the stage.

The more you follow this path, the happier and more confident and indeed better you will be at presenting.

Of course sometimes you don’t have the luxury of time, but the process still works – read more about that here .

Join me and let’s show that we introvert’s can shine when it’s our turn on the stage…

Eyeful’s MD To Speak At Major Marketing Event This Week

November 2nd, 2015 by Matt


Eyeful’s MD Simon Morton is speaking at yet another event this week, hot on the heels of delivering for the likes of Citrix, RIBA and at the Leicestershire Business Event 2015 last week, 2015 is proving to be a very busy year for Simon.

This Wednesday, Simon is speaking at the prestigious Customer Champion B2B event.

The day, which kicks off at 08.30 and ends at 18.30, at The British Library, Euston, promises to be an exciting and interesting event for all types of marketers…

This year’s B2B Marketing Conference will give practitioners the insight and practical guidance that they need to become a Customer Champion and transform their marketing, in one inspirational day.

Key topics include:

Customer psychology – understanding the mindset of your buyer
Customer engagement – how to create resonant interactions
Customer service – how to manage customer expectations in 2015
Customer forecasting – how to predict future demand levels.
Customer loyalty – how to drive repeat purchase, renewal and upsell
Customer advocacy – how leverage the power of your network
Customer intimacy – how to get close to your customers and become a trusted partner.

The event is billed as,

An essential one-day forum featuring compelling, authoritative and inspirational speakers from across the B2B sector. An in-depth examination and exploration of the significant challenges in terms of how to understand, engage, nurture, convert, service and delight your customers.

If you are going to the event, Simon is in Breakout 1 at 13.50 – 14.20, in Session C: The Final Hurdle in the customer Intimacy Journey

Simon’s presentation is NOT about PowerPoint or Death by PowerPoint. It is about rebooting and challenging the way people think about presentations. The seminar will equip its audience with a number of new techniques and tools to apply when preparing their next presentation.

It all starts with a new appreciation of audiences…

The Presentation Lab Book - CompressedBy using tools like ‘Audience Heatmapping’ and concepts such as ‘The Presentation Landscape’ and ‘Blended Presenting’, Simon will share insights into how to build documents and presentations with the audience and their needs at their core. These concepts, along with a series of real life examples of them at work, feature in his acclaimed book, The Presentation Lab, which is quickly becoming a defining text in this fast moving sector.

If you would like to attend, you can book tickets for Customer Champion B2B here

Or you can find Simon speaking at two further major events before the turn of the year, in the form of:

Microsoft Future Decoded, in the ExCel, London, 10th – 11th November
Microsoft Convergance 2015 EMEA, Barcelona, Spain, 30th November – 2nd December

If you would like to let your audience in on the secrets of creating the very best presentations and have Simon speak at your own company event, then check out his bio and simply drop us a line to check his diary…


October 27th, 2015 by Matt

Ah, so you are the brave ones! Hats off to you, standing up in front of an audience of few or many takes a special kind of person with a unique skillset.

I used to present on the radio to thousands of people and I found that easy, yesterday I presented some technical demo’s on Slidebank and Turtl to our Eyeful consultants and I was a bag of nerves! Despite knowing the tech inside out!

So when I say hats off to people who present, I really do mean it.

In today’s world of presentations there are so many ways to present information, it’s simply astonishing.

Presenters are moving to new technology in the form or Prezi. New programs and apps such as Sway and Turtl are entering the fold.

Some presenters are learning to adapt to different environments, from the large formal seminar type presentations to the more interactive conversations that small meetings offer.rsz_3the_presentation_survey_graphic_for_blog_-_alt_v2

At least, this is what we think is going on…

We would like to ask for your help to paint a firm picture on what life is like for you as a presenter in 2015…

By kindly taking our 60 second Eyeful survey for “People Who Present” you would be helping us to help everyone!

This will enable us to report back on what’s going on in the real world and offer our thoughts, insight and advice as Europe’s leading team of presentation experts.

Worry not, we don’t want your name or email address, because this survey is about making your presentation life easier, not adding to your inbox!

There are only 10 short, very straightforward multiple choice questions, meaning we can hand on heart say you’ll be done inside the next 60 seconds!

So please do, take the survey here


October 22nd, 2015 by Matt

Last week Microsoft’s flagship presentation program PowerPoint hit the shelves through Office 16…

But is it any good? Myself, Matt Roper, Eyeful’s self-confessed chief Geek and one of our amazing Technical PowerPoint Trainers, Ms Lorna Boyer sat down with a cuppa, a camera and chatted about all things PowerPoint 16.

So if you have 10 mins this lunchtime, why not put the kettle on, grab your lunch and check out what PowerPoint’s latest incarnation has to offer…

If you would like to skip to a specific section, the video chapters are:

0.00 Introduction
1.24 New Graphs
2.21 New Feature: Tell Me What You Want to Do
4.00 New Video Tools
5.35 Collaborative Working
8.18 Conclusion: Should you upgrade to PowerPoint 16?
9.20 PowerPoint 16 Technical Training information

We hope you found this video interesting and informative, if there are any pieces of presentation software or tools that you would like Eyeful’s take on, please do just let us know