Tech Season – Is Microsoft’s Sway A Valid Presentation Option?

September 29th, 2015 by Matt

Welcome to Eyeful’s latest toe dipping into the world of technology as we report on the hard working folks over at Microsoft – boy, have they been BUSY!

Windows 10 has recently launched, Office 2016 has just hit the shelves (more on this later this week) and Microsoft Sway has been officially released.

There’s been a LOT in the press about Sway and many have focused on comparing it to PowerPoint and claiming that Sway is PowerPoint’s natural successor…

Sway is like PowerPoint, but it takes away the hassle of having to decide where things are placed.

Elyse Betters

Many have pigeonholed Sway as a lightweight, consumer version of PowerPoint, and there’s some validity to that… Sway may not offer as many design templates, clip art items, animations, and editing tools as PowerPoint, but it makes up for this with…

Michael Muchmore of PC Mag

I had to stop Michael there, as for a moment I thought he might have been suggesting that not having clip art is a bad thing? Yes, yes he was. Oh dear.

Ok so after that quick google of Microsoft Sway in the news, it would appear that the majority of technology journalists out there are simply trying to compare Sway to PowerPoint. Understandable perhaps… but that is kind of missing the point.

The reality is Sway and PowerPoint are not really comparable. PowerPoint is a presentation tool and, in the right hands and when used at the right time, a damn fine one at that.

Sway isn’t a presentation tool. So what IS it? An easy way to create web documents? An electronic scrap book? An attempt to formalize the creation of a ‘Slideument’? The reality is that very few people, including Microsoft, are 100% sure what Sway is, or where it sits.

As bemused as the rest of you, we decided to let the Eyeful Design team loose on Sway, put it through its paces and figure out the Good, Bad and Ugly around this new Microsoft tool.

Want to know more? Read on!


The First Step To A World Beating Presentation

September 25th, 2015 by Matt

It’s such a terrible feeling when you’re stood in front of your audience and things just aren’t going well, you get that knot in your stomach, your palms go sweaty and from nowhere a stutter appears.

It’s so frustrating when you genuinely know your stuff, but for some unknown reason, you just can’t get your audience to understand that you are genuinely trying to help them. That’s one kind of awful presentation experience.

But there’s an even worse one…

Where the presentation goes great, but for some illogical reason the audience isn’t interested in following your call to action.

Where did you go so wrong?

Well, this is where Eyeful can help, we offer a completely free Presentation Healthcheck Service.

All you need to do is email us your presentation and one of our expert presentation consultants will give you a call back to get the full picture of what you’re trying to achieve.

They will then fully review your slides and figure out where your presentation isn’t working as well as it could and provide you with invaluable feedback to take your presentation to the next level.

The next level being where your presentation’s key messages flow effortlessly, visuals look impressive and you stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Getting your Presentation Healthchecked won’t cost you a dime, so what are you waiting for? Just send your presentation over and we’ll get to work on suggesting how to make it the very best it can be…

Well done us…Eyeful Wins Client Award

September 24th, 2015 by Simon

“You can never go too far wrong by thinking like a customer who’s new to the business.” – Richard Branson

Wise words, Richard…

We’ve been doing our thing for almost 12 years. That equates to a huge amount of slides produced, workshops facilitated and training sessions run…and, frankly, we’ve got very very good at doing them.

As MD of the business, this scares the bejeezus out of me.

Familiarity can so easily breed complacency which spells disaster for a client focused business like ours. This healthy paranoia has kept us moving forward, growing relationships with our oldest clients and building new ones along the way.

So it’s with great pride that I can announce that we have made the RAR (that’s Recommended Agency Register to you and me) list yet again. We even have a badge to prove it:




The reason for the pride is that this accolade is only be bestowed on those businesses that get sufficient praise and recommendation from their own client base. We didn’t fill out a form or post off a cheque to get this gong – our RAR award relies on happy Eyeful clients extolling the virtues of working with us on their most important presentations.

(Oh, and the fact that we’re the only business dedicated to presentation development and training to make the list is also rather good news).

So while I continue to deal with my paranoia over complacency and familiarity, I’ll let the rest of the team continue to wow clients large and small with presentations and service of the highest quality. It’s what we do…

Yours proudly,


Do you create Presentations?

September 23rd, 2015 by Matt

If so, we would really appreciate a little of your time to help us paint a picture about the state of business presentations in 2015.

It’s been 3 years since we last ran a survey of this magnitude and to make sure we keep the time we take of yours to a minimum, we’ve broken up our 2015 survey into mini 60 second surveys.

We are looking to find out the bigger picture of business presentations from all angles, so from people who create presentations (the PowerPoint wizz’s out there), from those on the front line that present and from the folks in the audience, the people who have to endure, or enjoy the presentations they receive. We’d also like to hear from anyone who has ever received any presentation training in the past…

In this first survey, we would love to hear from people who CREATE business presentations. So if you create slides in PowerPoint, prepare zooms in Prezi or if you have anything to do with the building of a presentation at all, then we want to hear from you…

We want to build a picture of what the real world looks like for those who create presentations.

Technology is moving forward at an amazing rate, with
new presentation software becoming available on an
almost weekly basis, we want to know if PowerPoint still wears the crown? Or has a shift occurred?

How long do you spend working on presentations? Just how much do you consider your audience when creating?

Answers to these questions will highlight for us all, what’s going on in the world of business presentations in 2015, whilst possibly showing trends in different industries.

Worry not, we don’t want your name or email address, because this survey is about making your presentation life easier, not adding to your inbox!

There are only 9 short and very straightforward questions, all with multiple choice answers, meaning we can hand on heart say you’ll be done inside the next 60 seconds!

So please, take the survey here

We raised how much for charity?! Now with video!

September 18th, 2015 by Matt

rsz_1eyefulupalooza_polaroidsThis year’s annual Eyefulpalooza took place on Friday just gone and was a huge success.

Not only did the clouds part and provide a beautifully sunny day, but we also smashed our charity target by almost double…

Our sponsored events of rounder’s matches, sumo wrestling and bouncing babies were complimented by chef Simon on the BBQ and also the debut gig of the Eyefulites…

I am also very pleased to say that we raised over £500 for our chosen charity Alzheimer’s Society!!!

A HUGE thank you to all who donated.

And we are not stopping there, if you would like to donate to this very worthy charity please just click here


September 17th, 2015 by Matt

During our numerous activities, such as presentation training, live webinars or even articles on this very blog, there is one particular question we get asked all the time…

Where can I get good stock images and graphics from?

rsz_1graphics_picThis is because we are always advising our customers on how to strengthen their presentation messages, how to make that slide or that message more easily digested and remembered by the audience.

Strong imagery is a great way to connect with your audience, using the right picture can set the tone and emotion of the presentation and likewise using the wrong imagery can harm this communication…

“Well-chosen images not only help demonstrate a point, they lock it into your audience’s psyche. The visual is often the key to them remembering and being able to share/act on your message; it acts as the synapse to recall.” Eyeful’s founder Simon Morton, The Presentation Lab

Images and graphics are a key building block in all presentations, but where do you get good ones?

When it comes to sourcing images, google images is NOT the best place to go due to the possibility of copyright infringement.

You don’t need to rely on search engine websites either, there are numerous free and paid websites out there with great quality imagery.

To save you from trawling around the web, we’ve pulled together a few of our favourites in a rather useful stock image guide, which we’ve broken into those that are free and those you have to pay for…


Don’t forget to bookmark the page for future reference and to vote for the site you think is most useful…

We raised how much for charity?!

September 16th, 2015 by Matt

rsz_1eyefulupalooza_polaroidsThis year’s annual Eyefulpalooza took place on Friday just gone and was a huge success.

Not only did the clouds part and provide a beautifully sunny day, but we also smashed our charity target by almost double…

Our sponsored events of rounder’s matches, sumo wrestling and bouncing babies were complimented by chef Simon on the BBQ and also the debut gig of the Eyefulites…

I am also very pleased to say that we doubled our original target by raising over £500 for our chosen charity The Alzheimer’s Society!!!

And we are not stopping there, if you would like to donate to this very worth charity please just click here



September 7th, 2015 by Matt

When you’ve worked so damn hard getting an audience to your online presentation, seeing people disconnect 1 by 1 is soul destroying…

You need to face it, you’re up against the big guns…

Outlook is on their other screen and the lure of Facebook on their phone is dragging your audience’s attention away…

The only person that can change this is you – you need to give a presentation that keeps your audience intrigued, interested and engaged right the way through.

Eyeful can help you do this.

Join Eyeful’s MD and acclaimed author of The Presentation Lab, Simon Morton, as he shares the trade secrets, the science and the new approaches through the 5 SIMPLE STEPS TO COMPLETELY HOOK YOUR ONLINE AUDIENCE on Thursday 10th September 2015 at 11am BST…


Learn how to apply new techniques for understanding & engaging your audience

Discover how to think beyond PowerPoint when preparing your online tools

Find out how to gauge the success of your online session against predetermined measures

All of this will inspire you to create online presentations that connect you with your audience and lead you to the results your hard work deserves.

To sign up for the webinar just click here


September 3rd, 2015 by Matt

Eyeful’s MD Simon Morton has been grilled live on the internet as a guest on iSpring’s Leadership Series. iSpring are a very well respected software company who create E-Learning and PowerPoint conversion software (we should know – we use it all the time).

It’s an inspiring series and if you want to create or deliver the best possible presentations, then this interview is for you.

Heat Map - CompressedSimon discusses some of the topics from his acclaimed book, The Presentation Lab which contains lots of concepts and ideas to help presenters get the best results from their presentations.

One such concept is the Audience Heatmap, which is used at the planning stage to make sure the presentation will connect and resonate with its audience. But what is an Audience Heatmap and how can you use it? Simon explains all.

The most important element of a successful presentation is the design, right? Wrong. Simon explains what is, so that you know, where exactly to focus your efforts.

There is lots of other practical examples of presentation do’s and don’ts as well as some of Simon’s favourite presentation innovations too.

All here to give you inspiration, ideas and help you create better presentations.



5 Ways To Con Your Boss (Into Giving Better Presentations)

September 1st, 2015 by Matt

Con, trick, ploy, scam…

These are all words that we don’t necessarily associate with positive connotations!

But, even though they mean doing something pretty bad, is it still wrong, if your intentions are good?

My 18 month old son Jack has a thing at the moment about having his teeth brushed. He hates it, the very sight of a tooth brush and there is a Jack shaped hole in the nearest wall.

So this morning I had an idea, I put the toothpaste onto the toothbrush and kept it out of sight, I opened the stairgate and sat on the top stair and shouted over to Jack who was exploring everything but his toys in our master bedroom, “Hey look Jack, the stairgate’s open!” knowing that the thought of escape down stair mountain would interest him greatly.

Over he came and as he traversed down the first step, I sat him next to me, put my arm around him and thought “Gotchya!” I then, much to his dismay, brushed his teeth.

For 20 long seconds Jack did not like his dad, he had been tricked and conned. But, I felt no guilt! All parents have to do this sometimes, we have to use dishonest tactics to achieve something for the greater good.

Maybe we could/should be applying the same tactics at work!?

The chances are that you have a boss or a colleague who gives terrible presentations?

Going up to them and saying, “excuse me Bob, but the presentation you just gave was truly awful, the audience didn’t know what you were on about, your slides looked awful and on the whole you’ve made the company look really, really unprofessional.”

That’s going to go down about as well as me handing Jack the toothbrush, sure your boss needs to know the ugly truth and change things, just as much as my son’s teeth need brushing.

Taking either approach gets you a similar result, a toothbrush (or a stapler) hurdling through the air, as feet are stamped and tears are shed…

For me, a couple of minutes later and Jack will give me a cuddle and make friends. I can’t promise your boss will be soothed in the same sort of timeframe, nor if you will still have a job!

You see sometimes there is no rational reasoning with people and the only option is to con them…

So how do you subtly con your colleague into giving better presentations?

Con 1 – Leave the Eyeful website open on their computer on the Who We Do It For page and give them a peak at the stunning presentations we create in your industry…

Con 2 – Sneak a copy of the Presentation Lab into their briefcase the next time they go on a trip so that they can learn the formula behind powerful presentations…

Con 3 – Send their PowerPoint presentation to Eyeful for a completely free Health Check and leave the detailed feedback report anonymously on their desk, this will highlight where they’re going wrong and what they can do to improve it…

Con 4 – Book your team in for a lunch and learn presentation training session, our Think – Act – Deliver course is currently available for free! Eyeful’s MD Simon Morton will deliver 90 minutes of pure presentation training that will inspire, re-energise and get your team thinking about presentations in a whole new way.

Con 5 – Subscribe your boss to the Eyeful Blog! Weekly new blogs full of ideas, innovation and the odd bit of humour will get your boss inspired when it comes to creating better presentations.

So there you have it 5 (gratis) ideas on how you can con your boss towards giving better and more professional presentations.

Going behind their back, being sneaky and a bit naughty can feel quite wrong – but also quite good, if you’re so inclined!

But just remember why you are doing it! Yes, conning someone is wrong, but if your intentions are noble, then surely this can only be a good thing!

You are simply, quite subtly leading your boss towards becoming a better presenter who gives better presentations and therefor gets better results. Meaning your team, your department or your company in general will be more successful. And like my son having clean teeth, that’s no bad thing…