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Friday, July 31st, 2009 by Simon Morton

OK…something to ponder for a Friday morning…when is enough really enough?

If you had to paint your living room, would you do it yourself? Probably.

What about if you had to plaster the very same wall? Oooh…a bit trickier.

What if the wall needed knocking down and re-building? Oh dear.

When's the right time to call in the PowerPoint Professionals?

When's the right time to call in the PowerPoint Professionals?

At this stage you’d probably be calling in the experts and be getting ready to undergo open wallet surgery. That’s OK – you’ve made the right decision. But let’s face it – getting to this decision is not always easy or obvious (as a brief tour of my own botched DIY projects will testify).

It’s much the same in the world of presentations – software like PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote mean that it’s extremely easy to have a go yourself. However at what point do we put down the mouse and acknowledge that our own abilities don’t quite match that of the project?

There’s no one rule that can show you just when to take the plunge but there are some clear indicators. After many years of jumping on our white charger and rescuing DIYers in trouble, we’ve identified 3 scenarios where “getting in the professional” is recommended (if not vital!):

#1 – The expectation exceeds your ability – we’re talking about fancy interactivity, keeping on the right side of the brand police (never cross the brand police), adding some fancy icons or graphics (and no, that doesn’t mean a trawl of Google Images or digging out the 20,000 ClipArt CD you bought at a petrol station for £4.99)

#2 – Time isn’t on your hands – if you need it next week but it’ll take you 2 weeks to put it together, you’re stuffed. If you need it for the end of the week to make a big pitch but you’ll need 4 people working on it and you only have 2 – you’re also stuffed. When time is tight, don’t settle for a half baked job – get some expert resource in that can deliver the quality you’d like on the day you want it.

#3 – It all rests on this – some things in life are very, very important (big pitches, investor presentations, job interviews). When the stakes reach this point, you want to give yourself the best shot so get someone in who does it for a living.

At the heart of it all we also understand that there’ll be times when you don’t need a professional. And that’s great – it’s important to realise this and make the most of what you have. But understanding just when DIY turns into a DIY disaster could be one of the best decisions you make.

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