Say it loud…they’re happy & we’re proud

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 by Simon Morton

We’re a jammy bunch here at Eyeful.  We get to work on a wide range of really interesting jobs and one thing you can guarantee that no day is the same.  Yesterday was a perfect example – the morning was spent reviewing a storyboard for a whopping new project we have in the US…and the afternoon involved sourcing and editing some Greek folk music.  Both weird and wonderful…

What makes this work idyll even more, um, idyllic is the immediate and positive feedback we get from our lovely clients.  It’s nice in any walk of life to get a hearty pat on the back but nothing lifts our spirits more than when we hear that a big pitch presentation we worked on together “went like a dream” or that the sales team “can’t wait to get out there and use the new PowerPoint”.

We thought we’d use the Eyeful blog to share some of these heartwarming stories.  Admittedly they might not immediately make you feel warm inside but hopefully it will help demonstrate that the overhaul of a presentation or creation of a new sales deck needn’t be purgatory.  In fact, you might even get to like it.

First of our featured “happy campers” is renowned speaker, coach and author, Paul Avins

For more case studies, “Before and After” examples and inspiration, click here.  In the meantime, I’m off to source more Greek folk music…

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  1. Mose Felch says:

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