We must be a global business…we’ve got a map!

Thursday, September 17th, 2009 by Liz

For those of you who are regular readers of our blog, you may notice that we get excited by the funniest things…all things PowerPoint and techie, FTF (funny tummy feeling) and so on…

So it’s with great pride that we unveil The Eyeful Map! We’ve dedicated an area in the office as a monument to our growing global presence. In true Eyeful style, we He's got the whole world in his hand...use smiley faces to represent the smiling customers we have dealt with.

From Cameroon to Canada, Rio de Janeiro to Japan, San Francisco to South Africa and Europe, we are smiling!

We’ve also raided petty cash to buy 3 clocks to keep us up to date with the local time for our clients. We may be ones for early starts and late evenings in our office but appreciate some of our international clients may be deep in slumber when we are just getting up and at ‘em! In March, we had something extra to smile about with the opening of new sales offices in Chicago.

So, we can honestly say, the sun never really sets at Eyeful. As we see the setting sun over the rolling hills from the “Brainstorm Barn” we may just get a phone call or an email that reminds us of the work to be done to achieve PowerPoint Perfection…..across the world.

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