Time to audit your PowerPoint presentation

Thursday, September 24th, 2009 by Simon Morton

There’s a very good chance that the next three months will be the busiest and most crucial of your business calendar. These post summer (and allegedly, post recession) months could make or break a company’s financial year.  No pressure, then…

So what does this mean to your presentation?

In the most basic of terms, a strong presentation could be the missing element to help your business to grow. It could equip your sales teams to exceed their budgets. It could mean ground breaking sales. It could be the most important thing you fix this year.

So…it’s time to audit what you already have.

Presentation AuditNow we understand not all businesses have the luxury of time or budget to commit to presentation optimisation. They can, however, spend a little bit of time making sure that the component parts are in place.  Somewhat worryingly, our recent survey showed that companies on average formally review their presentations just once a year. We’d heartily recommend that that time is now.

To help you audit and refresh your PowerPoint presentation we’ve outlined four key areas to focus on:

Story flow

  • What are the presentation’s objectives?
  • Does the presentation convey these objectives?
  • Does the presentation flow – does it take the audience through the journey?

Benefit statements

  • Sense check your benefit statements – are they genuine benefits?
  • Make sure that the benefits match your audience.
  • Show how they will become benefits for your audience.


  • Ensure the branding is in line with corporate guidelines.
  • Use the Brand to help deliver message.

Visual impact & presentation design

  • Use visuals where possible, too much text puts people off.
  • Make the most of visual aids; they add impact to your presentation.
  • Don’t use the wrong image – pictures for pictures sake can harm.

In summary, NOW is the right time to make sure that your presentations are the best tools they can be.

Your presentation could have a massive impact on your business…but to give the presenter the best chance possible, it must be of the utmost quality.

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