Crossing the Chasm – Eyeful on YouTube

Monday, October 26th, 2009 by Simon Morton

We’ve long waxed lyrical on the wonders of repurposing your corporate PowerPoint.  It seems a little daft to us to have your beautifully prepared and structured presentation hiding under a bushel just because it was produced in PowerPoint.  The world of the internet, Podcasts and the like need quality content like yours!

Grabbing this principle firmly by the collar, we are proud to present a small selection of our recent Powerpoint projects on YouTube (for our more techie readers, we created this using our Technical Evaluation of PowerPoint 2010 – trust us…it’ll blow you away when it’s finally released!).

Oh, and by the way, EVERYTHING you see on the video was created using PowerPoint.  Clever, eh? 

Rest assured we’ll continue to add new content so keep popping back – you never know what you might miss…

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One Response to “Crossing the Chasm – Eyeful on YouTube”

  1. Pam Brossman says:

    Fantastic use of powerpoint animation and video tools. I have heard that 2010 is very video friendly in line with the new wave of social media and online communication distribution mechanisms.

    I am still using 2007 but currently use a ppt to video converter tool that allows me to get the effects I need. It will be great to get the functionality straight from the product without having to use outside applications.

    Is 2010 widely available yet or is it still in beta testing?
    If so I would love to be a tester so that I can get started using it in my social media business to maximise it’s exposure and power as a communication tool.

    I love powerpoint but have found people have moved away from this tool due to the fact that it had not moved into the 21st century along with other technology. Looks like they have listened and I can’t wait to get started with the new version.

    Thanks for sharing, love it!
    Pam Brossman
    Social Media Strategist

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