Gongs ahoy!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 by Simon Morton

We don’t really like to blow our own trumpets here at Eyeful.  This blog was not developed to become a platform for self congratulatory, ego stroking messages…and I assure you, it never will.


We did want to share our good news with you. 

We attended a posh bash in Oxfordshire on Friday night hosted by PA Enterprises with the sole intention of letting our hair down and enjoying a fun evening with some very nice people.  So imagine how giddy we became when Eyeful was nominated…and then named as Business of the Year 2009.

We’re chuffed to bits as the award represents the hard work of the entire team at Eyeful. 

So please excuse our excitement just this once.  We’re not showing off (honest)…we just had to tell you.

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