Presentation Creep…it’s behind you!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 by Simon Morton

So you’ve only gone and done it. You’ve invested time, money and awful lot of perspiration to getting a brand spanking new presentation together for use by your sales team [NB. The principle for the purpose of this blog cuts across all the uses of presentations – please do insert your area of choice instead of sales].

All in all, you’re pretty chuffed with the end result and you know that you’ve created a fantastic tool that will enable your people to deliver more.

Fast forward 3 to 6 months (and in a lot of instances a shorter time span) and you’ve finally been able to get out and see one of the team deliver your beloved presentation. A few slides in and something doesn’t feel quite right, and then about a third of the way through you are stricken with the knowledge of why this presentation doesn’t look right and is no way near as good as the one created 3 months ago.

Warning SignIt certainly has a lot of similarities, but also has a large number of differences.

Differences that change the key strengths and the key messages of the original, differences that have ruined the flow and the story that you built up and ultimately differences that mean this presentation is now pretty ordinary.

What you’ve witnessed is the result of Presentation Creep.  It happens everywhere and can be the blight of good PowerPoint decks the World over.

In some ways it’s a victim of PowerPoint’s own usability in that people can very easily change a set of slides.  Unfortunately what starts out as one minor tweak after a couple of months becomes a whole raft of unconnected changes with no cohesive thought process.

Consider the number of different versions of your beloved presentation that could be out there and you’ll understand the scale of the issue.

So how do you keep Presentation Creep in check?

  • Review you presentation on a regular basis – is it still up to the job?
  • Get the people that actually deliver the presentation to review it with you to ensure a balanced view of what else could be achieved
  • If things get out of control, password protect your presentation so only a chosen few can make amends (we don’t like this option but holler if you’d like us to explain how)

In short, keep an eye out for Presentation Creep…who knows, it might already be happening in your business!

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