Revitalising Sales Presentations – Engage and Involve

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 by Simon Morton

What’s the single trickiest element in managing change in business?

The answer, from our experience, is the people.

New initiatives, ideas or strategies simply don’t work unless the people implementing and using them believe in them.  Take a moment out to ponder and I’m sure you’ll recall a new piece of software or initiative that your company introduced that was greeted with a chorus of “it’ll never work…don’t know why they bother…” from certain corners.

And chances were, the new idea didn’t work.

Not because it was particularly bad (although we’ve seen a few of those in our time!) but because the very people who should have been using it were too busy telling everyone else how flawed it was.  How very frustrating.

Broken chain - framedCompare this to our experience with a recent client.  As part of their Presentation Optimisation process, they decided to involve a large proportion of the sales team in the storyboarding workshop. Not only was the day of the workshop a great success but as soon as they left the offices, they told their colleagues about the all singing, all dancing presentation that was on it’s way.

No surprise then that when the presentation was delivered to the sales team, they wasted no time in getting it in front of prospects and using it to great effect. This meant speedier ROI for the business and a motivated sales team firing on all cylinders from day 1.  A top result all round.

Now I can hear a few people grumbling already…  Comments like “too many cooks”, “decision by committee” and “have you tried getting all our sales team in one county, let alone one building…” will be wending their way through to us on Twitter.

But before grumpily pressing the “Send” button, consider this – a workshop is not a way of making a decision, it’s a way of getting all the best ideas together and using them effectively.  (Oh, and seeing we’re now in the 21st Century, you don’t even need your sales team to be in the same continent let alone same room to engage in a workshop).

Engaging people is actually at the heart of any business.  Building effective presentations that are valued by your sales team and their prospects is no different.

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