‘Tis the Season of Goodwill…and closely fought competitions

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 by Simon Morton

We’re getting very festive here at Eyeful Towers.  Mulled wine is being liberally sloshed about the place, mince pie consumption has reached an all time high and dodgy Christmas jumpers are suddenly back in fashion. 

However regular readers will know that Eyeful is not a company built on people taking it easy

Nope!  Instead of opting for the traditional alcohol/Quality Street tin stupor, our design team have been working hard trying to out-do each other in the creation of this year’s Eyeful Christmas card.

The top 3 submissions were (in no particular order):

Nacho provided a simple but effective design reflecting the serene and calming nature of Eyeful.  No, really…

MerryChristmas_CompetitionLana came up trumps with a chilly yuletide scene not too dissimilar to the weather outside.  Nice animation combined with the traditional music background makes for a perfectly festive card. 

In a pique of season generosity (possibly fuelled by that last glass of mulled wine), we’re offering to send you the original PowerPoint file so that you might tweak and amend to reflect your own Yuletide messages.   Simply drop us a line and we’ll ping it through to you.

Finally, the victor in our clash of the design titans was Dan who came through with a typically funky fresh festive offering. 

His bounty for victory in this hard fought competition?  To choose our Christmas charity for this year (a hefty donation in lieu of sending out cards).  This year, we’ll be donating to a children’s hospice (details to be confirmed once Dan’s chosen!).

So finally, from the rest of the Eyeful gang – thank you for your support throughout 2009, enjoy the holidays and here’s to a great 2010.

Merry Christmas!


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