Post Christmas Treats

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 by Simon Morton

We’re slowly getting ourselves back into the swing of things  after the Christmas break.  It’s all as you’d expect here at Eyeful Towers – promises of gym attendance along with a variety of detox-based New Years resolutions abound.

Brainstorm Barn in Winter - FramedI have to hold my hands up and admit to giving in on the whole “a stick of celery for lunch” schtick very early on – when it’s this cold (see pic of a snowbound Brainstorm Barn), a man needs to bulk up on stodge.

Indeed, if you look carefully in the picture below, you’ll see a half eaten box of doughnuts…

To kick the year (and indeed, decade) off in proper style, we decided to invest in making Eyeful Towers an even nicer place to visit. 

This investment was two-fold: a fancy new coffee machine (the business runs on caffeine) and a new member of the Project Management team, Vicki.Vicki & The Coffee Machine

Vicki is the latest addition to our ever-growing Project Management team

In true Eyeful style, we put her and the other candidates through a pretty gruelling assessment day to make sure she was exactly the right person to join our merry gang.  She excelled on the day and has already hit the ground running, rolling out the new Eyeful ePresentations Portal to a long list of customers. 

Exciting days indeed…now, back to those doughnuts.

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