Dodgy slide deck hiding underneath your desk? The PowerPoint Amnesty may be your salvation

Friday, January 8th, 2010 by Matt

Amnesty-StickerIn response to a still alarmingly high number of distinctly bad presentations evident across the globe, Eyeful is in the final throws of preparing for the launch of the World’s firstPowerPoint Amnesty.

“It’s time to down tools and hand over all those criminally bad presentations.”

implores Simon Morton, self appointed Presentations Tsar*

“We’ve decided to take a step back from berating the masses who mindlessly inflict Clipart and bullet points on audiences…at least for a while. 

The PowerPoint Amnesty is all about giving them the opportunity to hand over their offending slide sets without fear of recrimination.”

Whilst there will be a period of “no action” on people handing over their bullet point heavy slides, this will frankly be short lived.  Morton and his team of “PowerPoint enforcers” are already preparing themselves mentally and physically for the task ahead. 

The end is nigh!Business parks, conference centres and Wi-Fi coffee houses are expected to be particularly resistant.  Reconnaissance tells us that random acts of Clipart and bullet point abuse are common place in these territories however they will be dealt with ruthlessly by the merry band of PowerPoint enforcers.

So if you know of someone in possession of a dodgy or downright dangerous PowerPoint deck, help them to help themselves and pass on details of the PowerPoint Amnesty

More details will be released over to the next few weeks but to jump to the front of the queue, click here.

Together we can clean up the streets and rid business of criminally bad PowerPoint presentations, one slide at a time.  

*Not an official title, you understand – he just likes it when we call him that…

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