It’ll be here before you know it… PowerPoint 2010

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 by Simon Morton

The Beta version of PowerPoint 2010 has been out for a while now.  As some of our fancy work with the recent YouTube videos will show, PowerPoint 2010 Office 2010 Beta Framedpromises to be a HUGE step forward, promising thin client functionality, improved video and audio interaction and some incredibly handy shortcuts. 

Rather than repeat the same long list of improvements that other blogs more than adequately covered, we thought we’d focus on our own personal favourites and the benefits that they will yield for the day to day presenter. 

So, in no particular order, 6 things we think make crafting that next PowerPoint deck that little bit easier and more fun:

Return of the file

The funny looking office button has gone and the simple word “file” has returned – everything having been forgiven.  A simple change but one that will please those that have hankered after the return of their old friend and annoy those that have only just got used to the funny looking button…

Don’t lose the video

Having to always remember about linked video files and “Packing and Going” has always been a royal pain in the derrivideoere.  Those heart in the mouth moments when opening up a PowerPoint with video are now a thing of the past. In 2010 you can embed videos into the presentation itself – whoopee!

Also worth noting that you can then edit the video once it’s in the slides – these 2 steps really are a huge step forward.  You can even insert video straight from sites such as YouTube and myspace – the world really is your camcorder!

Become the next Spielberg…

Not only can you embed video in your slides, you can now make your presentation into a movie in its own right!  Whilst this was possible before, it required other software now it can be done in PowerPoint itself and is a lot simpler.

The file that you create, a WMV file, can be read by most computers so it is an easy way to distribute your slides in a controlled fashion (even stuck up onto YouTube – see here!).  Also, as it’s a video you can rest easy in the fact that the fonts will remain the same and the build will not alter – your video will simply be viewed as you intended it to be.  Marvellous.

OK – that’s that’s the first half done.  Tune in soon for the second half…

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