Reduce, re-use, recycle… and now repurpose

Friday, January 29th, 2010 by Simon Morton

QUESTION: When is a PowerPoint presentation not a PowerPoint presentation?

ANSWER: When it’s a video, a podcast, a PDF document or even a web presentation.

Being a green bunch here at Eyeful, we try to recycle as much as we can…scrap paper gets re-used, coffee grounds make their way onto the rosebushes outside and, so I’m told, my jokes are as old as the hills…  Recycled framed

But have you ever thought what else you could do with a quality PowerPoint presentation?

Well we have…and because of this and the customers we work with, we’ve started helping people to repurpose their PowerPoint rather a lot.

Typically this happens in four areas – and here’s a brief intro to then all:


The world wide web is agog with Flash animations these days.  Rather than allow your presentation to die a lonely death on a remote server, give it a new lease of life on the web.

By converting to Flash, adding voiceover, response mechanisms and some of that Eyeful animation magic, your message will never sleep…


Maybe seen as the dullard of this merry band of 4, but trust us – the latest PDF reader is quite a snazzy bit of kit.

Repurposed framedYou can add video and audio into this document, making it far from a dry document.

So following your awe inspiring presentation, you can now create the follow up document to end all follow up documents!


Whilst still a growing area in the communications market, a Podcast allows people the opportunity to digest the presentation wherever they are – on the train into work, waiting for the bus or inbetweeen meetings.  

An incredibly powerful way of delivering your message, time and time again.


OK, so the video of your elevaor pitch presentation may not become as popular as a bobsleigh suit ripping but never the less another channel for getting a message across quickly and with impact.

Whether it’s on YouTube or used on the normally redundant flatscreen TV in our reception, this is a great way of making the most of PowerPoint.

All in there’s a real breadth to what PowerPoint can be used for other than just as a presenting tool. Have a look here to see just what is possible:

So ask yourself…are you making the most of your PowerPoint?

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