Adobe & Anark – A Visual Experience

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 by Liz

We’ve mentioned before just how lucky we are to work with some of the World’s greatest organisations here at Eyeful and today really is no different.

We’ve had the pleasure recently of working with Anark 3D solutions together with Adobe (who need no introduction!).

We’ve recently finished a very exciting piece of work together that has been both rewarding for us and has delivered a great end result for Anark and Adobe.Adobe + Anark logos - framed

We’re always banging on about how a presentation is more than just visuals – but that visuals are an important part of the presentation. 

Well here we were working with two companies with an incomparible pedigree in  visual thinking! 

No pressure, then… 

If ever we needed to be on top of our game (and we know they’d spent some time looking around the Global market to ensure they were dealing with the best), this was it…

So did they like the finished article?  The only way to really know is to ask them, and I quote:

Your team did an incredible job converting our thoughts and vision into an impressive PowerPoint presentation.  

You have certainly mastered the process of converting ideas into coherent and attention grabbing media.”

Nuff said.

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  1. Steve Hards says:

    Nice one! Well done!

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