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Monday, March 15th, 2010 by Simon Morton

If you’ve visited a B2B exhibition in the last few years you will undoubtedly been impressed by some very fancy, multistorey and ultimately expensive stands.

Exhibition framed 1

Not only are the stands expensive, the floorspace upon which they are plonked will have also cost a pretty penny.

On top of that, the stand is (quite rightly) extensively staffed and choc-a-bloc with gleaming corporate collateral. 

Quite an investment and statement of serious intent by the exhibitor.  Bravo!

Exhibition framed 2But hang on – what’s that lurking on the plasma screen? It is one of the most unengaging PowerPoint presentations you will ever see (or most likely walk past) and typically the weakest link on the whole stand.

Chances are it was put together at the last minute by one of the marketing team who basically got lumbered as they “know PowerPoint”.  In short, an own goal of majestic proportions!

As with all things your organisation does, surely its time to make that presentation as impressive, eyecatching and generally tip-top as the rest of your stand?

When putting together a stand presentation there are 2 important points to remember.

Design – No Time for Scrimping!

Make no bones about it – this presentation is a shop window and as such needs to look A1. Don’t knock something up – get a professional in to do it properly.

Structure – The 30 Second Rule

You have a maximum of 30 seconds to get across what you need to get across so you have to spend a lot of time deciding how those 30 seconds builds and tells a story.

It may be that you have lots of different stories to tell so have lots of 30 second stories – but whatever you do make sure it is short, sharp and to the point.

So in conclusion…

When it comes to creating a presentation for an exhibition, all you need to is grab people’s attention through a combination of eye catching design and a powerful story.  All in less than 30 seconds.

Sounds a doddle..!

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