A pig in lipstick is still…

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 by Simon Morton

…well, a pig.

Excuse the rather blunt analogy but it does rather convey an important message – making something look slightly prettier doesn’t make it any more effective.

LOAPIn some ways, cosmetic tweaking can even highlight the lack of underlying quality – a pig remains a pig no matter how you dress him up!

Back in the real world, much the same can be said of the world of presentations.

Many presenters are guilty of trying to use an array of animation techniques to direct attention away from a set of slides devoid of any real content.

More often than not the reason for people using this shortcut is lack of preparation time. And nowhere is this time pressure more evident than in your sales team. 

As the new year’s quotas start to bite, sales PowerPoints are being furiously polished to try and disguise any deficiencies.

Our advice? Don’t waste time disguising – it’s time to improve the guts of the presentation. We call it Presentation Optimisation.

Now put the lid back on that lipstick and put it back in the drawer.

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