A day in the life of…The Project Manager

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 by Simon Morton

Welcome to the first in a series of occasional blogs from of our esteemed team here at Eyeful Presentations.  

Kicking things off  is “A day in the life of a Project Manager”. Taking time to climb out of Gantt charts and telling everyone else what they should be doing (and not making enough tea, it has to be said…), here is Vicki to take us through a pretty normal (or as normal as they get at Eyeful) day.

Vicki - Framed 1As a Project Manager, my life is pretty ordered so I rise at 0600 hours leaving the left hand side of the bed and brushing my teeth 47 times horizontally and then 48 times vertically… Sorry only messing, most people I meet who I tell I’m a Project Manager have an image of an anally retentive control freak that is never without a fold out Gantt chart. Whilst that’s not too far from the truth (you have to be and who doesn’t love Gantt charts…) it’s also not completely true.

My day typically starts with catching up with e-mails (as most of our days do!) – as “the hub” of a project, I need to keep on top of all that is going on. With clients all over the world now, quite a lot can happen when I’m not at my desk so that first hour or so can be vital to setting up the day and to taking some projects into the next phase.

Also early in the day I’ll take a good look at the studio schedule for the day to make sure that we’re doing the right work and make sure this is in line with the most time critical work.

The rest of my morning would then normally be taken up with talking to our consultants (someone’s got to). Those conversations are varied, vast and normally interesting – I know a lot of organisations moan about a disconnect between sales and operations but fortunately here at Eyeful we’re pretty well integrated and most of the time the consultants behave (it’s only occasionally I have to smack them…).

Vicki - Framed 2In the afternoon I’ll normally have a lot of client contact, particularly at the moment as I’m working on a rather substantial project for a large US banking client and need to speak to London and New York at the same time.  Whilst our US friends are normally early risers, that still tends to be late for us!

A lot of time is also spent briefing our designers on work that is either new or coming back in for additional work. All in all the afternoon is pretty hectic and seems to fly by, and normally I’m allowed to go home but some days you never know.

And when I’ve finally returned home, one last check of the Gantt chart to make sure I’ve laid out the right socks for tomorrow and its time for bed (getting in the right side of course).

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