Presentation Integrity is next to Godliness

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 by Simon Morton

Sometimes the integrity of your presentation is important.

Sometimes you want to know a little more – if it’s been opened, if it’s been forwarded on and particularly if it’s been changed.

Sometimes your business requires you go a little bit big brother (we’re thinking George Orwell here – not Davina McCall).

There are indeed times when a presentation needs to remain exactly as God, or maybe just yourself, intended. We’ve banged on in the past about presentation creep – when over the course of time a presentation undergoes a myriad of small changes – and ultimately becomes nothing like the original presentation and carries none of the original message.

Data Integrity - CheckBut in some cases even the smallest changes can have an enormous impact. Some Eyeful clients have this problem, taking the pharmaceutical industry and the financial industry as particular examples, and they have to be able to guarantee the accuracy of their slides.

Here at Eyeful we like to be able to offer our clients what they need so we’ve partnered with a cutting edge company in data security, InDorse Technologies

By using their technology we can now provide our clients with the ability to not only prevent presentation creep but also to know whenever a presentation has been opened, changed, forwarded or basically even breathed on (OK the last one isn’t quite true) but hopefully you get the picture.

For some organisations they have to compliance with regulations or show due diligence with certain information and data and make sure that whether intentionally or accidentally – that data does not get tampered with, by using this new offering they can now rest easy.

So if you need (or indeed want) to go Big Brother, we know just the people for the job.

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