Politics & Presentations – It’s still all about Message, Content & Delivery

Friday, April 30th, 2010 by Simon Morton

As we move into the final few days of the election palaver, it’s worth learning some very stark lessons from what has been a first for us in the UK – the TV debate.

Now we’re not highlighting our political bent here at Eyeful but watching Nick Clegg move from a nobody to a genuine contender has showcased just how important a good presentation can be. And what the first TV debate demonstrated really well was just how this works in reality.

We’re quite passionate about how much of a difference a good presentation makes so we’re very pleased to see just this in practice during the first live televised debate two weeks ago. Nick Clegg took himself and his party from being a third placed party tipped to lose seats to become a genuine runner in a three horse race.

Nick CleggBut how did he manage that?

The answer’s simple really, he took a good message, delivered it well and connected with his audience. In actual fact, it is anything but easy.

This real example only goes to show how many businesses fail to cotton onto this. How many times have you seen a presenter with a quality story fall flat on their face? Or how many times have you seen a skilled presenter waiver as people realise that they’ve got nothing to say?

The message is clear whether you’re a politician or a sales person (and there are a lot more similarities but we can’t go into those right now…), if you’ve got a good message and can get your audience to listen to it and the retain the key parts of it,  you could be at the start of a mutually rewarding and long standing relationship.

We’re not saying that the honourable Mr Clegg is well on his way to Downing Street.  However through the art of a good presentation he has demonstrated just how much of a contender his party now is.

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