It all started in the pub…

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 by Liz

Very occasionally we avail ourselves of the local pub on a Friday evening.  Normally the conversation veers from finding out what people have planned for the weekend (it would seem DIY and shopping are very big with Eyeful gang at the moment) to chatting through work related topics.

The hot topic over our most recent pint was “how do we get people to think differently about creating a presentation?” 

You see, we recognise the frustration that many presenters face – they know what they should be doing but rarely have the time implement this best practice. 

It’s all too easy to click on the PowerPoint icon and start filling slide after slide up with bullet points.  We needed to create something that would prompt them into action immediately rather than trying to fix a problem when they were in the thick of it.

As Matt carefully placed his pint down on a beermat (he’s a man who shows a lot of care for a pint), it came to him.  The Eyeful Presentations beermat!

The Eyeful BeermatSo that’s exactly what we’ve done – printed up thousands of them for distribution around the offices of the world. 

Every morning, as you place your precious mug of coffee or tea onto your desk, you’ll be reminded of the 3 key checks you should be considering every time you create a new PowerPoint presentation. 

Who knows – it could mean the difference between “Death by PowerPoint” and success at your next presentation

So drop us a line if you’d like us to stick a handful of these handy coasters/presentation saviours in the post to you.  We respectfully suggest that to ensure Life after Death by PowerPoint in your business, you apply liberally across as many desks as possible.

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