A day in the life of… The Presentation Consultant

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 by Simon Morton

Welcome to the second blog taking a closer look at the team here at Eyeful. Having cast our eye over our Project Manager and their highly organised and efficient ways, this time it’s the turn of the Presentation Consultant

As an integral part of our Presentation Optimisation methodology, the role of Presentation Consultant is biggie here at Eyeful.

As the name suggests, our Consultants are actually here to help our customers by understanding what they need and helping to shape the way we deliver it.  Here’s Jo to tell us about an exciting 24 hours:

Jo - FramedI’m rolling out the clichés early here, I know, but no two days are ever really the same both because of the role I do as Consultant but also because of the way we work here at Eyeful. I’ll try, however, to take you through a “typical” day!

Most of my days are spent out and about on site with clients – but in an effort to remain as sheep-like as the rest of them, I start my day with a check through my Blackberry.

As I tend to deal with a number of customers at any one time the early part of the morning will normally involve talking to a good few before I get onsite.

Picking up on any work that needs to be fed back to the studio or speaking to a client who has something urgent can quite often take up the time before beginning a client engagement for the day – and I’ll normally have spoken to one or all of our Project Managers back in the office before 9am!

Once onsite, I really get into making a difference.  It’s the time spent talking to customers and helping take their ideas and shape them into something that will become really impressive that’s gets me up in the morning.

A lot of my time is spent storyboarding with people – something I know we bang on about at Eyeful but I can’t emphasise how important it is. No story can be properly told unless you understand it first.

Jo Meeting - FramedA lot of my days are spent solely on site with our customers – but some afternoons I get the opportunity to be in the office (joy for me, although the office might not agree).

This always gives me a chance to get some time with our Project Managers and designers and to see the real work getting done for our clients!

Whilst every day might be different – most days end with any number of calls from clients and colleagues alike and more often than not one from Simon himself who got himself thoroughly overexcited about a new client or an extra innovative design the studio has produced.

One thing is for sure – Eyeful and it’s customers don’t allow for dull days!

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