Toy Story in 3D, the BBC’s Mark Kermode and PowerPoint Animation

Friday, August 6th, 2010 by Simon Morton

We think the Beeb’s film critic Mark Kermode is rather marvellous.  We like his pithy, insightful and downright passionate reviews.  He seems like our sort of bloke.

We also think Pixar are nothing short of brilliant.  Wonderful films with compelling storylines, engaging characters and eye-popping animation techniques.

So what links these two with your corporate presentationAnimation.

Mark has got himself hot under the collar about the growing trend of 3D cinema for a while now.  He’s sick of having aliens, cars and body parts “flying” out of the screen just because the technology allows.

We tend to agree with him.

It’s a bit like using every PowerPoint animation and transition available to you (even more in PowerPoint 2010!) on your slides.  Yes – it’s clever technology but frankly it’s distracting and not helping you tell your story.

Now onto Pixar’s Toy Story 3.  Mark loves this film for many reasons but the key one for us is that he didn’t notice the 3D.

It was there but did all the right things – helped the story along, engaged the audience and supported the characters.  But at no point did it detract by being used inappropriately simply because they had the technology to hand.

To paraphrase Mark, technology should enhance not detract.

And if the audience are so engaged with the whole experience that they don’t even notice the technology, pat yourself on the back.  Job done.

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