We’ve launched a dedicated CPD Presentations service

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 by Simon Morton

We get involved in all manner of presentation projects.

From the high octane big pitch presentations (normally in conjunction with our partners, Sales Engine) through to slides for speaking engagements for authors and the like  (we’re in the thick of a project for a woman who climbed Everest at the age of 22…amazing story but more on that at a later date).

One particular type of presentation that seems to get our customers in a fluster is that of the CPD or Continuing Professional Development presentation.  There’s no getting away from it – these presentations are fraught with complexity and pitfalls.

But why?

The answer is pretty straightforward.  A CPD presentation needs to tread a very fine line:

It needs to be independent enough to satisfy the CPD assessors (they don’t want the CPD process to be a thinly veiled sales exercise) BUT have enough commercial content to keep the marketing department of the Provider happy (after all, it costs money to send people out to deliver these presentations!).  On top of all this, it needs to grab the attention of the audience who may just be there to pick up their CPD points and grab a free sandwich.

Like we say, it can get very complex…

The good news is that we’ve got ourselves a bit of a reputation for getting the balance just right with clients like Corus, Rockfon, SIG and Altro now equipping their CPD specialists with top notch presentations.

Eyeful Web Animation Screenshot

So pleased are we with the way things have panned out over the last couple of years that we’ve created a dedicated service just for CPD presentations.

We believe we’re the only company out there with a dedicated CPD specialist (the aforementioned vagaries of CPD presentations mean that this is pretty much a must in our opinion).  He’s called Roy and he’s very very good.

As part of the rollout of this specialised service, we’ve created a separate CPD section on our website.

For more details of the service, interviews with existing CPD provider customers and information on how to contact our CPD specialist expert, please click here or head on over to www.cpd-presentations.co.uk.

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