Visual Information & Data – Introducing Infographics

Monday, November 29th, 2010 by Simon Morton

We’ve waxed lyrical before about the importance of visuals in presentation materials…

You know the standard line – “A Picture Paints A Thousand Words blah blah” – but a visual doesn’t need to be limted to a striking image.  There is another key tool available to all visual presenters – the infographic.

Infographics aren’t new and you probably come across them on a daily basis – you probably just don’t recognise them as such.  TV news shows use them brilliantly…and we think its about time that the world of presenting caught up.

Here’s a great example of everyday infographics hard at work:

Weather Infographics Example

The real joy of infographics is the way in which complex information can be represented.

The example above communicates a huge amount of information in a very simple and clear manner (perhaps it’s a British thing but you could create a 100 slide presentation about a 5 days worth of weather!).  It allows the audience to comprehend, understand and process all they need to know very quickly.  That’s the beauty of infographics.

Think about some of the data you have presented (or perhaps chosen not to share because it was too complicated).  Now begin to sketching out some simple, but very eye catching ways of demonstrating them – you’re now on the road to infographics.

Its path is not an easy one – but the results from high quality infographics can be fantastic.  We’ll be sharing infographics we’ve developed for clients along with some of our favourites from the web and media to help inspire you for your next presentation.  Stay tuned!

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