The Art of Webinar-ing

Friday, December 17th, 2010 by Simon Morton

The Webinar is a common occurrence in today’s cost reducing, technology embracing world.

Webinar logoIt’s no surprise that what only a few years ago was a niche presenting platform has become a recognised business tool that very few organisations are without nowadays. But, as with all new technology, it brings with it some challenges.

We often get asked how webinars differ from “the real deal” and quite how to approach them.  So in true Eyeful style here’s the Top 5 Webinar pitfalls…and how to avoid them.

1)  See no evil

Just because your audience can’t see you doesn’t mean you can be slumped in front of the PC in your Y-fronts.

If you are seasoned presenter, you’ll need to prepare yourself in the same way. Yes some visual mannerism that you normally use won’t have any effect – but if you change the way you present you invariably change what people hear.

Make sure your performance is as good, and in many ways better than in person.

2)  Hear no evil

Voice tone takes on a whole new importance on a Webinar.

webinarYou need to up the ante in keeping your audience engaged and a flat voice simply ain’t gonna cut it.  The same is true for in person presenting but the effect is amplified immensely as all your audience can see is your slides.

It has to be more pronounced on a Webinar, so make sure you practice.

3)  All for 1, and 1 for all

We’ve banged on about getting your key message right…and we’re about to do it again.

The biggest difference here is it has to be even sharper and more focused. You will hold people’s attention for less time and lose it far quicker online. Get that key message and focus on that alone.

4)  Visual is Best

With most Webinar software, the only things your audience will be seeing are your slides. That means they have to be damn good.

So step away from the bullet points and make your slides as visual as posible. Time and investment at this stage will help ensure your Webinar goes like a dream…and your message is received loud and clear.

5)  Two way traffic

Just because your audience might be miles away doesn’t mean you can’t connect and use them.

Today’s technology is very interactive, so make the most of whatever ways you can lay your hands on to engage and involve them. Ask for a show of (electronic) hands or pose questions of your audience. 

As always, interaction will make for a better presentation.

As with all presentations – practice makes perfect. Presenting on a webinar is very different and in many ways a lot harder.

Take the time to hone your presentation using these 5 nuggets and you should be well on your way to mastering the online presentation.

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