Christmas/Birthdays/Anniversaries – Any Excuse for a Cake…

Thursday, December 30th, 2010 by Simon Morton

Just a quick blog, this one…  Here’s the caveat – this has absolutely nothing to do with presentations, PowerPoint or Keynote.

Nope – we just thought we’d take some time out during the post Christmas/pre-New Year lull to show off the baking talents of “Project Management” Vicki

Exhibit A – Matt’s birthday cake Earful cake - framed

Matt is the audio production wizard behind our sister company, Earful Productions LLP

With this in mind, Vicki set to work to prepare this Earful themed cake, complete with iPod headphones. 

Ruddy marvellous and very much in line with Matt’s character.

What concerns me everso slightly is the fact that my birthday cake was in the shape of a dinosaur.  No offence taken, Vicki…

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