Presentations 2.0 – This Time It’s Personal

Sunday, February 27th, 2011 by Simon Morton

We’re the first to get all huffy when someone comes along with a vaguely new idea and call’s its 2.0.  However for the fast evolving world of the presentations, it’s actually rather fitting – the landscape of today’s presenter is changing forever.

We’re lucky to live in a time when technology shifts are intensely fast.  Whilst this gives us many benefits (such as the stargazer app on just about any Smartphoneit really is very good), it also brings us plenty of potential issues or opportunities, depending on your point of view.

Presenting is no different.

The traditional “once written, always used” linear set of slides to click through to tell your story is no longer good enough. Even if you are a mighty fine presenter, this simply doesn’t cut it anymore.  People expect and are increasingly demanding more.

Firstly your delivery channel has to be right. Just because everyone else is using PowerPoint, does it mean you should?

blender with logos (reduced)Of course not – you need to assess the best way to deliver your presentations to each of your audiences. Regular readers will notice that we started banging on about something we call Blended Presenting (click here for the lowdown on this very exciting new approach).

And secondly audience participation has changed radically.

The social media boom has had an enormous effect on the art of conference presenting. At a recent event we took a visual count of a plenary session and over half the people had laptops or Smartphone’s fired up.

What used to be seen as rude is now the norm – you should now ask people to put phones on silent not turn them off!  Recognise this as a huge opportunity to get people engaged – you’ll get more out of the presentation for you and for you audience. 

So Presenting 2.0 is real and not just a hyped up phrase we’ve coined to look “bleeding edge”.  Look around you and you’ll see the signs everywhere…

It’s really just presenting but in line with with the demands and expectations of our modern times.  It can also really help elevate you to the next level as a presenter…if you let it.

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