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Sunday, May 1st, 2011 by Simon Morton

Welcome back to the latest in our series of “A day in the life of…” blogs, hopefully giving you an insight into the wild, wacky, crazy and (sometimes) professional and busy life of the team here at Eyeful Towers.

This time round it’s the turn of one of our prestigious design team.  So please be upstanding to and welcome Claire and her “typical” day:

Cartoon Claire

I’m afraid the old cliché of “no two days are ever the same” tends to apply to most of us here at Eyeful.  Possibly the strangest thing I’ll be doing first thing in the morning will be gargling with my tea!

I’ve recently found myself appearing as a “corporate voice” used by our sister company Earful Productions quite often I’ll find myself having to record some audio of a morning so need to ensure the vocal chords are in tip top shape. Not sure it’s what works for the likes of Adele but it seems to work for me.

Other than laying down some “phat audio”, my mornings tend to be a fair mixture of dealing with any amendments that have come in overnight or early doors, similarly problem solving on any issues that have arisen that need attention and looking at any new work that is ready for us to get cracking on with.

All three of these bring some interesting challenges and whilst I love to solve a problem, what really is exciting is getting to grips with something new that is to some extent a blank canvas.

As the majority of our work comes off the back of an Eyeful Presentation Optimisation workshop, I’ll typically start off with working from a storyboard (if you’re a regular reader you’ll be used to reading about these!) which gives me a flavour of what the customer is trying to convey to their audience.

It’s a matter of taking this core content and then working towards designs that will not only help to convey this message successfully but will also make the audience sit up and take notice. This is often a challenge but one that never fails to get the creative juices flowing.

As I spend a lot of my time in software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, I do like to spend some of my time keeping up with the fast moving world of design and PowerPoint.  As such, a good post lunch task is research into the cutting edge oDesignf PowerPoint and other websites/software that can help us to continue to push the boundaries of presentations.

It’s something that Eyeful prides itself on and we’re certainly a key part of not only delivering these presentations but helping us and our clients to understand just what amazing things can be done with good old PowerPoint.

As the resident social secretary (not sure how I got that job…!) some of my time is spent trying to persuade the rest of the team that our next outing should involve jumping out of an aeroplane with only a large sheet and some string (or that’s how Simon describes it). Failing that it might just be a good old fashioned visit to the pub!

A large amount of my time will be spent dealing with all of the team here – Project Managers and Consultants alike.  It’s a corny line but one of the reasons that being here at Eyeful is so much fun is that the team are great to work with.

As a designer I can get a bit drawn off into my own world, but rest assured my colleagues soon bring me back!

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