Infographics…and balloons

Sunday, May 8th, 2011 by Simon Morton

Regular readers to our little blog will know our fondness for infographics.

Anything that can take a complex message and deliver it in a clear and easily understood manner is alright by us.

So you can imagine the frisson of excitement that greeted the recent “homemade infographics” article from one of our favourite journals, Fast Company.

Simply click on these pictures to see how combining some data, a couple of balloons and a fertile imagination can reap real rewards:

Homemade Infographics1Homemade Infographics2

The full article is also well worth a read.  In short, it begs you to think differently about the way you present data – a lack of top notch design tools is no excuse for not clearly communicating your message. 

Simple and elegant…a bit like an infographic.

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