Another Birthday, Another Amazing Cake…

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 by Liz

The month of May brings many birthdays to the merry folk of Eyeful Towers.  This can mean only one thing to the Eyeful gang – the unveiling of yet more cake-based art courtesy of “Project Management Vicki”.

So far this month, we’ve polished off a huge pink cake to wish “Customer Champion Jayne” many happy returns (age unknown…and not asked). 

“Finance Lisa’s” is just around the corner (again, best not to ask...).

But probably most worthy of inclusion in the Eyeful blog is “M.D. Simon’s” rather fancy “drum cake”.  

Morts cake - May 2011

Fancied by many as the first signs of a midlife crisis, Simon took up learning the drums this year hence the rather fine cake. 

The detail was something to behold with drumsticks, metal work and tuning screws.  Yet again, Vicki’s cake design amazed…what a very clever person.

Oh, and just as important – it tasted lovely as well!

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