New SlideRocket survey exposes…well, the obvious, really…

Sunday, June 26th, 2011 by Simon Morton

We here at Eyeful have a lot of time for those clever people at SlideRocket.

For those not in the know, SlideRocket have developed a rather fancy online tool that allows people to quickly and easily create presentations that incorporate cool graphics, impactful media and, um, bullet points and then share them across the web.

It’s a very slick tool that, in the right hands, can be very powerful (check out their website for samples).

To support their positioning of SlideRocket as the “it’s so easy and empowering to use, you’d be mad to consider any of the alternatives” presentation tool, they’ve conducted a survey (click on the image below to have a closer look).

Death-By-PowerPoint - SlideRocket Infographic

As with all surveys, there are some headline grabbing results:

24% of respondents would forego a spot of hanky-panky tonight rather than sit through a PowerPoint presentation.

20% of respondents would rather go to the dentist than sit through a PowerPoint presentation.

18% of respondents would rather work on a Saturday than sit through a PowerPoint presentation.

When asked what frustrated them about PowerPoint, the respondents listed, amongst other things, too much text and boring graphics.

And this is where the survey starts to fall down a tad…

PowerPoint is not the cause of too much text or boring graphics (we have samples to prove it here) – it’s time to wake up and realise that it’s just software.  In short, it’s time to blame the user.

So it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the boring content, blizzard of bullet points and clichéd clipart that drove 32% of audiences to fall asleep during PowerPoint presentations could so easily crop up in a SlideRocket presentation.

Now please don’t think this is a dig at SlideRocket.  As proven by our Blended Presenting approach, we’re open to all sorts of software and mediums as long as they effectively share information.  And that includes SlideRocket…

Indeed SlideRocket is very effective (and free for the basic package – you can’t say much fairer than that!) – but I fear that with this survey, they’re chasing down the wrong culprit.

Death by PowerPoint/Keynote/SlideRocket/Prezi (the list goes on) is down to the user, not the software.  Simple.

Remember that next time you start nodding off in the middle of a presentation.

On a final note – I was surprised with the close correlation of visits to the dentists and lack of hanky-panky.  I’d have expected it to be a lot more – I’m now off to find myself a new dentist…

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