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Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 by Simon Morton

We’ve had the privilege of working with a high profile financial client for many years (this is our 6th year on the trot – something we’re rather proud of…).

Each year, we get together with the top brass and start working on the slide decks for their AGM.  This is an incredibly important event for them – a chance to celebrate their numerous successes and share their plans for the year ahead. 

Each and every year has been a success.  Why?

Whilst we’d love to put it all down to the love and attention they get from the Eyeful team, it goes deeper than that. 

The entire team (top brass included) cares.  They demonstrate a commitment to the presentation that is nothing short of remarkable.   

The MESSAGE is carefully considered.

The CONTENT is honed, edited and brought to life with examples. 

The DESIGN is subtle and focussed on delivering information clearly and succinctly.

The embodiment of this considered approach is that each of the 18 presentations was carefully scripted.  Now, many experts would get themselves in a terrible tizzy when faced with a series of scripted presentations…yet this team makes it work.  Brilliantly.

Due to a team-wide commitment to rehearsals and reviews, none of the presentations sounded scripted on the day.  The entire event moved from the typical “show up and throw up” results presentation to being an engaging, personal and joined-up series of communication pieces. 

Powerful stuff…and something the audience won’t forget quickly.

It goes to prove a few things. 

  1. Quality presentations take hard work and commitment.
  2. Presentations need to be taken seriously by everyone…from the top brass down.
  3. Rehearsal and focus turns a script into an engaging presentation.

Now ask yourself a simple question – can the same be said for your next presentation..?

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