A Fool With A Tool Is Still A…

Thursday, July 28th, 2011 by Simon Morton

It seems like everyone these days has a fancy, super sexy (and often heavily finger-print ridden) iPad.

This is certainly in evidence if you take a wander round any exhibition.

iPad 01bIn the last few years the iPad has become de rigueur as the prize on any stand competition (except for the odd cheapskate – a desktop scanner anyone?) but in the last 12 months they’ve morphed from being a business card attracter to being a tool on the stand itself.

We certainly think that embracing new tools in any sales or marketing situation is a damned fine idea – but as with any tool and/or technology used in a sales situation, it comes with a caveat.

A fool with a tool is still a fool.

In short, just because an iPad is “cool” doesn’t mean it makes a sale any easier.

Most importantly, if you don’t put the effort into using your shiny new iPad properly, it’ll certainly make you look like a fool with a tool (worry not – that concludes the over use of that particular phrase).

What you need to do is go back to presenting basics.  First things first, look at what you are going to be using the iPad for.

  • Is it for demoing something?
  • Is it to show off your website?
  • Is it for collecting data?
  • Is it to do a quick presentation?

Once you know what the use is, you can then plan how to use it…

If you are using it with a presentation (don’t get us started on the opportunity that both Apple and Microsoft have missed with the very poor presenting software on it) then you need to start from scratch with any presentation you want to use.

A presentation on an iPad at an event needs to be different because of all the above reasons.  In line with our Presentation Optimisation process, it’s all about starting from the beginning again and focussing on your key message.  From there, storyboard what you want to get across and then (and only then!) can you begin to build a compelling and succinct set of slides.

The end result will be a presentation that will be a real aid to you on the stand…and not simply a good looking gadget.

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