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Monday, August 15th, 2011 by Simon Morton

There’s been excitement brewing here at Eyeful for some time and we’ve been itching to share the great news.  But we couldn’t…until now.

Eyeful is going Dutch!

Yep – we’ve joined forces with one of Holland’s top presentation agencies, The Presentation Architect, to launch Eyeful Presentations.NL

We believe the launch of Eyeful in Holland is rather marvellous news for our Dutch friends.

They now have direct access to Eyeful’s unique Presentation Optimisation methodology, the secret ingredient behind high impact presentations for the likes of American Express, Citibank and Microsoft.

Add to that the experience and skills of a crack team of consultants, project managers and presentation designers (recognised the World over as being at the very top of their game) and you’ve got all the ingredients needed to revolutionise the way Dutch companies present themselves.

To learn more about what we’re doing in the Netherlands, check out the launch minisite at or give the Dutch team a call on +31 036 844 86 84.

They’d love to hear from you…

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