The Cloud – Nice Weather for Presentation Optimisation

Monday, October 17th, 2011 by Simon Morton

A San Francisco based sales support company recently raised $11 million in first round funding to enable it to expand its operation. Bravo! But why do we care?

Cloud BlueWell the company in question is ClearSlide (there’s a clue in the name if you look) and they provide cloud storage of sales collateral.

Their USP is focused around providing instant access in multiple formats coupled with reporting functions for both sales activity and customer interaction.

Which is, of course, fab. Sales teams work best when they are able to tailor their pitches individually and instant access to all their collateral helps them to keep the attention of their audience.

ClearSlide obviously works – it takes a lot these days to get investors to vote with their wallets – but having instant access to every part of your sales pitch doesn’t make it any good.

Cue a little self-promotion.

We specialise in a little thing we like to call Presentation Optimisation.  This ensures that everything you present has crystal clear clarity in terms of both message and design so that irrespective of whether your presentation comes from a laptop, iPad, whiteboard or The Cloud, it always connects with your audience.

The difference is not how you manage the content of your presentation…it’s how you manage the connection with your audience. Contrary to the rumour going around, animated slides (be they online, in person or via e-mail) aren’t always the answer to every audience’s need.  We think your audience deserves a little more thought than that.

So before you consider filing to The Cloud maybe you should check in with us first.

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