What the font?!

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 by Simon Morton

There has been some speculation in this blog that Simon may have a small obsession with fonts (most of it from Simon himself) however I would like to assure him that he has not yet traversed the divide between perfectionist and weirdo.

In fact I’m not entirely sure that there is a line, and the longer I work with creative types the more I subscribe to its non-existence.

A graphic designer of my acquaintance (no names, no pack drill) reached a pinnacle of font obsession in 1994 and to my knowledge this is, as yet, unsurpassed.

Picture the scene: One graphic designer and his wife on a day out in London had their first encounter with one of the most iconic images of modern times – the Wonderbra ‘Hello Boys’ advert featuring Eva Herzigova.


Now here’s an image that reputedly caused car crashes and certainly caused sweating, all of which was lost on the graphic designer who glanced up at the infamous image, named the font, and continued on his way…

Now that’s dedication…

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