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Thursday, October 27th, 2011 by Simon Morton

In a world where technology marches forward at breath-taking pace the impact of tablet devices has made every effort to conform to one of my favourite ‘laws’ of technology:  Amara’s law states that ‘the impact of any new technology will be overestimated in the short term and underestimated in the long term’.


Of course in order for new technology to have significant impact it needs to be accessible on two levels: usability and price.

The tablet device has always had usability in its favour – just pointing at what you want is a universal default language. Price, however, is a different story, and has so far kept the tablet in the hands of the affluent and the enthusiastic, and helped prevent it from fulfilling its promise as a presentation tool.

The Aakash is a 7” tablet that has just been launched in India and is predicted to go global in the near future. The basic model has  256 MB of memory and 2GB of storage, built-in wi-fi, two USB sockets and a micro-SD card slot. Reviewers are critical (as is their want) of its processor speed, battery life and it’s old style  touch-screen. It also is, as yet, lacking in the app department. So the pros and cons are easy to assess and will never impress the tech snobs or dent the brand loyalty that the big names fight so hard for.

So why am I even blogging about it?

Well the list price on the model above is 2,999 Rupees, at today’s exchange rate that makes it £38.69 – meaning that every single person in your business could be carrying your full presentation portfolio 24/7 for less than the price of the Christmas knees up.

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