Communication as Art?

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 by Simon Morton

I was pondering recently about ‘the art of communication’ and in my occasionally very literal way of thinking I decided to run with it for a while – so here goes…

The artist has a message to portray and the audience interprets that message – but how often do the expressed message and the received message agree?

Constable knew how to paint a countryside scene, and LS Lowry could skip the finer detail and still get his message across. Botticelli had an eye for detail (nipples mostly) and Michelangelo beats Artex any day of the week. I worry about the physiological integrity of Salvador Dali’s elephants but I can see that he knew how to drive a paintbrush. I can’t, however, see the attraction of having half a dead, cartilaginous fish in my lounge (sorry Damien) and firmly believe that Carl Andre missed the opportunity for a built in barbeque by just piling his bricks in the Tate.

As you can see, I’m no expert but I do believe that I’m pretty average in my thinking here.  If communication is art, there’s a lesson here for us all.

A message delivered is not necessarily a message received.  By the same token, a message received is not necessarily a message understood…and a message that no-one understands is no message at all!


Now time for you to ponder…how does your corporate presentation measure up in terms of delivering a message?  Perhaps more importantly – how do you know?

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