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Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 by Simon Morton

Here at Eyeful Towers we are an eclectic bunch with a wide variety of interests between us, and here I am – a person who believes that all sport should involve internal combustion engines – blogging about football.

So wish me luck, here I go…..

The reason that football has crossed my radar is the recent revelation regarding the use of PowerPoint in the training room by a certain Jurgen Klinsmann whilst managing Bayern Munich. Apparently the club made a significant investment in the technology required for Jurgen to deliver all singing, all dancing presentations to what I suspect was a slightly bemused team. Not much to write about there – and if this had been a successful sporting foray into PowerPoint, I would now be compiling a list of all UK league clubs for a bit of targeted marketing.

However it is reported that this was very much a case of ‘all the gear, but no idea’ and the results didn’t quite justify the expense.

If an international football club with a wages bill that would make me weep, thinks that it has wasted a few quid there’s definitely a problem – something we call the Presentation Paradox. With budgets blown on people and technology, presentation content is often the last consideration as funds are running out.

So in presentations, as on the field, content is everything and if you’re out there Mr Klinsmann give us a shout and we’ll introduce you to a little thing we call Presentation OptimisationTM.

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