It can happen to the best of us…

Friday, November 11th, 2011 by Simon Morton

Technical gremlins are a devious bunch.  They choose their moments carefully, conspiring to cause maximum discomfort and embarrassment, and after what I’m sure was months of planning and hard work, they have recently achieved something of a coup d’état.

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and noted philanthropist, was presenting to the 1922 Committee and Conservative Friends of International Development when he experienced the gremlins wrath.

Had he been in less auspicious surroundings, I am sure that we would be able to re-run this event ad nauseam on any number of media platforms but alas we are working from barely whispered hints.

Some say that his laptop wouldn’t work, some say that his PowerPoint presentation failed to run and some are simply unwilling to speculate…

Whatever happened we can be sure that Mr Gates had the skills to carry on in an unflustered and professional manner, getting his message across effectively despite the best work of the gremlins.

The reason..? He’ll have had the forethought to develop his presentation on paper first and, when totally happy with it’s message, content, structure and visual anchors, committed it to PowerPoint.

It’s a process we call Presentation Optimisation and all the best companies use it…

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