Presentation Panic (or What A Headless Chicken Can Teach Us About Presenting)

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 by Simon Morton

Despite the fact that we have all been guilty of it at some time, there is a general consensus that there is very little to be achieved by running around like a headless chicken.


A business with a tight deadline to meet is often home to the most energetic and misguided examples of this.  This is when the sheer volume of things needing to be done creates an exponential inability to do them efficiently – at exactly the wrong time.

The tighter the deadline and the greater the opportunity the worse it becomes. This can all conspire to create what we at Eyeful call the ‘Presentation Paradox’.

Picture the scene…

The big pitch is days away, the bid team is a more than a little nervous and then you realise that you’ve spent the last 45 minutes debating whether to take the prospect biscuits:

  • Is it appropriate?
  • Will the competition do the same?
  • Will the crumbs be a problem?
  • Do we serve them before, during or after?
  • Are any of the biscuit eaters coeliac or vegan?
  • Which biscuit best represents our brand?
  • Shall we put them on a plate?
  • What if they don’t eat them all and we don’t get our plate back?
  • Fig Roll – cake or biscuit?

The elephant in the room is the fact that, whilst enjoyably diverting, this debate us getting in the way of you rehearsing and fine tuning the actual mechanics of getting your message across.  In short, your presentation is always left to the last minute.

Oh dear.

So…you’ve got two options then:

  1. Contact us
  2. Start calling yourself Mike*

*Note to the un-initiated Mike the headless chicken was not, as you may expect, lunch, at least not until 18 months post decapitation.  Mike spent those eighteen months touring America with a two headed calf and earning his erstwhile executioner a very good income.

All true.

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