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Monday, December 5th, 2011 by Simon Morton

Whispers have emerged this week that Microsoft is planning a release of their Office suite as a series of apps for the iPad.

The initial reaction at Eyeful Towers is easily summed up as ‘and about time too’!

The iPad is THE tablet device and despite the best efforts of its competitors the iPad is de rigueur for the mobile business community.  It’s remained steadfastly immune to its own limitations.

So this has all the hallmarks of a win-win situation for Apple, Microsoft and most importantly for those of us that have always been in the middle of their corporate manoeuvrings.

But let’s not forget that there may be casualties as well. Many iPad users have adopted the likes of Keynote, Prezi, Brainshark and SlideRocket in an effort to get the most from their iPad investment.   If Office Apps really are on the horizon, they may be facing some choppy waters in the days ahead.

It is possible for two giants with different cultures to collaborate effectively?

The British and the French built Concorde without even agreeing on the unit of measurement on the plans. The Brits built their parts using imperial measurements whilst the French used metric – and the whole thing fitted together to give the world its only supersonic airliner (a feat cited by NASA boffins as harder than putting a man on the moon).

(As you know by now I love to stretch an analogy as far as it will go and I think this one will go the distance).

Concorde was not grounded because of a failed collaboration or even because of a dreadful accident. Concorde was grounded because no one could work out how to use it properly in the modern world, because it was inefficient and expensive when compared to video conferencing and because there is no place for extravagance without specific returns.

There is no point celebrating this collaboration of behemoths if all it produces is a gazillion versions of Death by PowerPoint so let’s see this as a chance to turn over a new page and use this opportunity to its full potential.


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