Festive Friday Fun…

Friday, December 16th, 2011 by Simon Morton

All the Christmas drinks and canapes are starting to blur into one…  The sneaking suspicion that we’ve forgotten someone on the office Secret Santa is close to becoming a full time obsession…  Tinsel is being worn in hair and around PC screens across Eyeful Towers…

We admit it.  We’re getting very excited about Christmas.

So in a short break from tweaking our lovely new website, Justine (the Bernie Taupin to Simon’s Elton John) has crafted the following lyrics to the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Note – this is not an audio file to avoid contravening the Geneva Convention on cruel and unusual punishment!

Presenter stands, are you listening?

What’s the theme, something’s missing?

I’m falling asleep, I think I might weep,

Where’s the Eyeful Magic that it needs?


I don’t know what he’s saying,

But I see people praying,

They want a reprieve, they’re gagging to leave,

Where’s the Eyeful Magic that it needs?


Ploughing on without purpose,

Like a clown at the circus,

He’s breaking my heart with cliché clipart,

Where’s the Eyeful Magic that it needs?


Slide fifty four, It’s not funny,

‘Cause you know time is money,

If the next bullets mine, then that will be fine,

Where’s the Eyeful Magic that it needs?


Later on when it’s finished,

I’m at home, stress diminished,

Next month it’s my turn, here’s a lesson I’ve learned,

To get the Eyeful Magic that I need!

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