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Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 by Simon Morton

Despite the fact that it’s something we’d all like to leave behind, the recession continues to bite.

We’ve been very fortunate here at Eyeful and have continued to grow during these tough economic times.  For this, we thank our lucky stars every day.  Unfortunately one of the major players in the small and close-knit presentation market hasn’t been so lucky.

In truth, it’s left us all a little shaken.

Sobering news like this throws up all manner of thoughts for those involved:

For the employee team: There’s never a good time for someone to face job uncertainty but our hearts go out to those employees who have faced this in the run up to Christmas.  A horrible end to a rough year.

For the customers: What happens to the half-completed projects or the jobs with tight deadlines?  In our market, customers often come to us in what is already a stressful situation – they are under pressure to perform at a key event, pitch for a large contract or put their best foot forward at a job interview.  The presentation, quite rightly, becomes the most important thing on their mind.

Finding a company that understands your message and your audience is tough enough…without having to factor in their financial stability.

How to avoid the pitfalls?

The only advice that we can give is to do your research – boring but true.  Look for a company with a consistent track record that can demonstrate long-term relationships with its customers.

The higher stakes the presentation and the tighter the deadline, the more important it is to not just say “yes” to the first company that can fit you in.

But, probably most importantly of all, trust your instincts.  Gut feel goes a long way.

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