Enter The Dragon

Thursday, January 26th, 2012 by Simon Morton

The Chinese New Year is upon us and 2012 will be presided over by the Dragon.

The Dragon is a mythical creature that is considered to be a powerful symbol of good fortune. Characterised by their flamboyance, Dragons are considered to be ambitious, creative and energetic.

So what we have here is a mythical beast that can inspire awe and bring about change through energy, ambition and a smattering of good luck. If that translated easily into a recipe for successful presentations, we’d all be in for an amazing year.

We’ve all experienced presentations where the energy and ambition of the presenter was obvious, but they failed to do anything other than bemuse us (and we possibly thought that they were lucky to still be in a job)!

So how can the Dragon make the most of its attributes and be an excellent presenter?

Presenter skills’ training is not about producing clones of the ideal public speaker. It’s about taking one of the most valuable resources that any business has, its people, and harnessing their skills and attributes.

We tailor our training sessions to your business and your people.  If you think your Dragons have potential then drop us a line.

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