Another bite of the same Apple…..

Monday, March 12th, 2012 by Simon Morton

Before I go any further I think it’s only fair to state that I personally am continually underwhelmed by the iPad.

It has not even scratched the surface of laptop functionality and has consistently failed to be the business tool it promised. Not only that, but the continued rollercoaster of promise and disappointment, is rapidly becoming the bane of this particular bloggers keyboard. We want a portable tablet that supports widely used business software with an intuitive interface. What we have had so far in my (slightly jaded) opinion is:

iPad – a huge iPhone with inferior graphics and interface that doesn’t make calls or take pictures.

iPad2 – a huge iPhone with inferior graphics and interface that doesn’t make calls.

new iPad  (not 3) – a huge iPhone that doesn’t make calls.

Even I will agree that there has been progress and, indeed, Eyeful has been at the forefront of getting the most from the iPad. But I’m still gobsmacked by the response every time Apple launch (or even threaten to launch) another itineration. The build-up to the ‘new iPad’ was phenomenal; speculation was rife to the point where even if the new iPad had been able to cook, clean and make a cup of tea, someone, somewhere would have been disappointed.

Post launch even the most ardent Apple-istas seem to be struggling to hide their disappointment behind the Retina Display hyperbole.  But hold on one moment – I think I have identified the key plus point. The launch of the new iPad  has reduced the retail price of the iPad2 – so cheer up everyone, if you fancy an iPad2 you’re now one step closer to getting what you’ve paid for.

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