You’ve Got to Have a Dream… (Part Two)

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 by Matt

After the rudest of alarm clock interruptions, I have resorted to daydreaming to finish my PowerPoint 2013 wishlist:

When you add multiple motion paths to an object, the following motion path automatically starts at the end of the previous one! Saving hours of faffing about.

You can now create a group with all the objects within it animating separately, before adding them into your slide… Mind blowing animation, without blowing your own mind trying to put it all together.

Insert shapes has been overhauled too, now you can insert new shapes such as icons and silhouettes of people… We’ve also created a PowerPoint shape library and you can now download additional shapes and add them in!

Combine Shapes has become part of the ribbon as opposed to something you need add in yourself. Even better, you can now combine any object! Creativity can go wild!

And last but not least….3D shapes with a multitude of decent pre-sets.

Wow, time to celebrate with a coffee and a bacon butty methinks!

Sweet Dreams!

Matt Roper, PowerPoint übergeek, Eyeful Presentations Ltd

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