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Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 by Simon Morton

Think back to those halcyon days of school, stuck in a stuffy classroom wrestling with equations (or was that just me..?). Back then, you’d openly question how relevant this would be in “the real world” but then carry on ‘learning’ regardless.

We have news – for the important stuff, like communication, equations simply don’t stack up.  Let us explain:

C = Communication

W = Words

P = Pictures

When it comes to the ingredients of a successful presentation, words (W) and pictures (P) are usually the bulk items. At Eyeful we’ve always preached restraint in using them, but let’s be honest, they really are necessary.

So how do we strike a balance?

Unfortunately there is no formula for effective communication (C). Using the elements listed above, C=PW2 just doesn’t work.

Even if it did, we’d be back to square one with every presentation becoming very similar.

At Eyeful we like to approach the problem from a slightly different angle. For us the words and pictures are the face of the presentation. They communicate and inform – but they need to have a body and a mind to give them context and impact. For this we use the combined talents of our professional presentation consultants, specialist PowerPoint designers and expert project managers in a process that we call Presentation OptimisationTM.

If it really was as simple as C=PW2 there would be a fair few Eyeful experts without the challenges they relish!


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