Lights, Camera, Action!!

Thursday, April 26th, 2012 by Simon Morton

Here at Eyeful Presentations we are often carried away by our own enthusiasm for a project but recently we’ve been riding the wave of something that actually out-enthused us.

It began with a simple quest to make our lives a little easier – we needed a new solution to customer relationship management. So we shopped around to see what and who was out there. By the by we got chatting to The CRM Business and began the process of integrating Microsoft CRM into our systems. So far so good (but let’s be honest – not exactly a Hollywood Blockbuster).

The CRM Business turned out to have a lot in common with Eyeful Presentations (mostly the ability to achieve results and go above and beyond on customer service and all without losing their sense of humour) and a mutual appreciation society was born!

So we cajoled in our sister company Earful Productions and recorded some testimonial podcasts for The CRM Business. Which caught the ear of Microsoft. Who asked if we would help them with a case study. And then a video.

So Simon had a haircut, desks were tidied, the office sprouted flowers and Microsoft sent a film crew. A proper one – with a boom!!

Obviously there will be an extensive process of creative control before we can roll out the red carpet but we’ll be sure to invite you all to the premiere!!


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